GeekMom® and GeekDad® are parenting, technology, and culture blogs staffed by a diverse team of contributors, working together on a shared platform to inform, educate, and entertain parents everywhere who have a geeky nature and want to raise their kids the same way.

The GeekDad blog was started in 2007 by Chris Anderson, who quickly passed the editorial baton (and later the ownership) to Ken Denmead. Along with his core team of editors (Matt Blum, Jonathan Liu, and “Z”), Ken and the whole GeekDad® family has delivered daily content about the things we love as geeks and as parents for over eight years now.

In 2010, Ken and some of the geeky moms who wrote for GeekDad at the time, decided to create GeekMom® as a compliment to GeekDad®, and now the two sites co-exist sharing editorial teams and resources (co-founders Corinna Lawson and Jenny Bristol continue as editors and co-owners of GeekMom®).

Some highlights of our history include include:


GeekDad® is a registered Trademark of GeekDad LLC, Ken Denmead Owner and Publisher. GeekMom® is a registered Trademark of GeekMom LLC, Corinna Lawson, Jenny Bristol, and Ken Denmead Owners, Ken Denmead Publisher.