Geek Lifts Off On Lemon Education

Education systems are a mess the world over. We know this, but we are dauntless geek parents. When we’re given a lemon situation, we don’t just make lemonade; we make rocket fuel! I don’t actually know if it’s possible or wise to launch a rocket using citrus, but if that’s what it takes to keep […]

10 Things American Parents Should Know About ‘Anne With an E’ or Just Plain ‘Anne’ in Canada

‘Anne’—titled ‘Anne With an E’ on Netflix—finished airing in Canada the other week and will be hitting Netflix on Friday, May 12, 2017. While ‘Anne’—co-produced by CBC and Netflix—is rated TV-G here in Canada, it would likely earn a rating of TV-PG in the United States. So, sit back while I review the contemporary version of the beloved Anne of Green Gables and give you ten things non-Canadian parents need to know about ‘Anne,’ with minuscule spoilers. No major plot points will be mentioned.

Coming to Terms With The Aesthetic Brain

While men across cultures prefer women with “some baby-like features,” they also look for high cheekbones and narrow jaws in their partners, because while youth equates with health, too much youth could indicate that a mother lacks the necessary maturity to adequately care for a child.

Voting is for the Girls!

  We raise our children to be the bosses of their own bodies. We teach them to dress and wash and feed themselves, and to keep their private parts private. But if our children happen to be daughters, there’s an oft-neglected aspect of self-care that we must impart: Voting. It may seem strange to count […]

Banned Books Week: Censorship in Maine

Years ago, when living under a political administration that I didn’t much care for I read, just by chance, It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. I was haunted by his rhetoric and by the fragility of the democracy he depicted. Now whenever I find myself in a discussion of atrocities, political or otherwise, I find myself looking in my own backyard and […]

Attack of the Infant Care Baby Simulator!

Okay, it had to happen eventually. Before you know it, your precious little Geeklet daughter turns into a gawky, tween-age Geekgirl, who is thrown headlong into the wild, wild world of Middle School. What comes with Middle School? Enrollment in 7th Grade Health Class. And what comes with Health Class? Lessons about babies. Don’t get […]

‘Be Gay Do Comics’

From the wildly popular website, magazine, book, and newsletter publisher The Nib, Be Gay Do Comics is a comic anthology of queer history, satire, memoir, and cultural awareness that is both caring and irreverent. The book features 244 illustrated pages by 40 artists and writers, with 56 individual comics. The stories date back to the […]

Women Our Story

Word Wednesday: Women: Our History

This Week’s Word Is “Women.” International Women’s Day is this Friday, and to mark it Word Wednesday is devoting three posts to books celebrating Women and Womanhood. Last week, I looked at So Here I Am, a book of great speeches given by women. This week, I am moving on to DK’s Women: Our History. The book […]

I Don’t Need or Want Your Autism Awareness

Reading Time: 10 minutes Public Domain Image If you’re autistic, “Autism Awareness Month” is a special kind of hell. (CN: this article frequently references ableism as it specifically relates to disability and autism.) In a month that is theoretically about raising awareness of issues that affect me, my kids, and my community, I am invisible. […]

Attention Cats & Kittens: Margaret Atwood’s Comic ‘Angel Catbird’ Is Now a 1940s Audioplay

Reading Time: 5 minutes Image courtesy of A.J. O’Connell Last month, Audible released an audioplay of Angel Catbird, the 2016-17 Dark Horse comic series written by Margaret Atwood, illustrated by Johnnie Christmas, and colored by Tamra Bonvillian, and it’s the cat’s pajamas. But wait, you may say, don’t you mean an audiobook? No, kittens. I mean […]

Young girl with large glasses and a Goofy hat in a life vest.

Am I Different? — On Claiming Identities

It’s like I imagine if I say, “This is how it is,” everyone who feels some aspect of that identity more strongly than I do will counter, “That is NOT how it is!” So how is it? Where do I fit? What right do I have to claim any sort of identity at all?