Pillars of Eternity

Beyond Hit Points: The Evolution of RPG Combat Mechanics

The mechanics in Obsidian’s ‘Pillars of Eternity’ are excellent. This article is not a review. This is not a strategy guide. I’m not interested in going into any of the plot or setting of ‘Pillars of Eternity.’ Neither will I discuss character builds, weapons and armor, or the game’s graphics or music. I just want to focus on the way they’ve designed the game’s mechanics and examine the new ideas they’ve introduced, which I personally find fascinating. My hope is that even if you have no intention of ever playing the game, you may find the discussion of its mechanics interesting if you enjoy RPGs.

Tabletop Game—’Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age’

‘Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age’ is a tabletop strategy game featuring your own personal empire set in–you guessed it–the Iron Age of history. If you’re looking for a game that challenges you to hone your strategy and decision-making skills, ‘Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age’ is your next favorite game. The game is played with dice, pen, and paper and is playable by 1-4 players.

Tabletop Game: ‘Dungeon Roll’

‘Dungeon Roll’ is an opposed-press-your-luck strategy game published by Tasty Minstrel Games. Players form an adventure party to delve into the dungeon. Each round gets more difficult, and if they bust, they are forced to fight the dragon!