Nathan Sawaya – The Man, The Brick, The Legend!

When you’re in the middle of raising three Lego crazy boys, and your house has more Lego bricks than dust bunnies, your frame of reference, when it comes to personal heroes, tends to be a bit twisted. You’d better believe that anyone who is known as a “Master Brick Artist” is on the top of […]

Nathan Sawaya, Lego DemiGod

A few years ago Nathan Sawaya decided to follow his dream and give up being a lawyer to become a Lego "sculptor." Today, had an interesting interview with him: CNN: How difficult was it to make the decision to switch from full-time attorney to fulltime LEGO artist? SAWAYA: It wasn’t very tough. I worked […]

‘Art of the Brick: DC Comics’

Nathan Sawaya (Brick Artist) has a new Art of the Brick show, and Evil Genius Mum was invited to the World Premiere in Sydney, Australia. Come for a walk around the exhibition and learn a few of Nathan’s secrets. There’s also a signed Lego Kit up for grabs!

Stack Overflow: More Is More

Stack Overflow: More Is More

I like big books and I cannot lie. You might like your little digital book device that holds an entire library in your pocket, but there are some things that just aren’t meant to be shrunk down to that size. Here are some great examples of books that are just better in full size—all of them are bigger than your iPad’s screen. Sometimes, more is more.

Learning Through Legos: S.T.E.M. and Back Again

Legos are internationally cherished small plastic interlocking building blocks and minifigures that can be taken apart and used to build other objects. Over the years, Lego has expanded its creations to include products like gears and pulleys and even electronic parts for constructing programmable robots. As a result, there are popular Lego robotics leagues and […]

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide #1: Books

Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, the end-of-year festivities are right around the corner. If you choose to purchase gifts online, you need to order then in advance to allow for shipping time, backorders, and comparison shopping. We at GeekMom are here to help you with ideas for anyone on your gift list, from babies […]

Replicate Yourself in LEGO … for just $60K

Yesterday, Neiman Marcus announced some of the items in its 2008 luxury holiday catalog. Among the horse farms, golf courses and other ridiculously decadent gifts, one stands out in a very geeky way: send a few photographs and some other pertinent details and certified LEGO professional, Nathan Sawaya, will create a life-size LEGO replica of […]

Art of the Cube

Forget Banksy-esque minifig stencil graffiti or Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick — there’s a new brick in town and it’s already on its second museum, the Santiago Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum. As mentioned earlier this year, Q-BA-MAZE is a modular building system that can be used to create anything from towers to brontosauruses. Each […]

Kid’s First Lego

Or, more accurately: "Kid’s first Lego sculpture built from pure imagination." We all get excited by our kids’ various "firsts" but, like our respective excitement when he first walked unaided, my now 4.5-year-old and I were joyous when he concocted a Lego assemblage that was not already proscribed in enclosed instructions. This sculpture is not […]

The Brick Factory: Lego Instrux for the Masses

Oh my! Just when all hope vanishes after losing the "how-to" booklet for Jabba’s Barge, along comes The Brick Factory and (it seems) just about every instruction booklet for every Lego set imaginable. Many a Geekdad will remember that the Lego sets of old were not nearly as complex as some are today. The sets […]