Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and we fun folks at GeekDad would like to give you some inspiration for your gifts for Dad this year. From our moms and dads, these gifts range from rugged to hilarious, and we are sure a perfect gift can be found right here.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide #7: DIY and Makers

Artist, maker, electronics geek, DIY enthusiast, and builder are just some of the names we call ourselves, but, whatever your moniker, we all share a love for creating, building, and the warm sense of accomplishment. Recent advances in technology, and price of the technology, have been a boon to the maker and DIY movement. Below we list the tools, technologies, supplies, and projects that inspired us this year.

Holiday Gift Guide #1: Toys

So, it’s once again that time of year. The time where we at GeekDad scour our reviews and products for the best gifts any geek would love. I know that Halloween has just barely passed, but with only six weeks left to Christmas, and barely four left to Hanukkah, it’s probably time to start some shopping.

This week we turn our eyes toward toys. Read on to see what the favorite picks from Jenny Williams, Z, Corrina Lawson, Jonathan Liu, Dave Banks, Brad Moon, Michael Harrison, and me.