Jeremy Renner Hosts ‘Incredible Animal Journeys’ on NatGeo and Disney+

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We might think we are the world’s greatest explorers, but we’re not. Millions of animals migrate across our planet daily using routes passed down through generations. Incredible Animal Journeys puts us in the action as they soar, fly, and swim from the Antarctic to the African savanna and the Pacific Ocean to Alaska. Join the larger-than-life protective humpback mom shepherding her newborn calf, a tiny dung beetle, a monarch butterfly, a determined barn swallow who never gives up, and many more species. Using the Earth’s magnetic field, stars, the moon, ocean currents, and their innate senses on land, these travelers find food, mates, and their way across thousands of miles during their lifetime. Come along for the ride as Jeremy Renner narrates the wildest adventure on Earth.

Incredible Animal Journeys premieres Sunday, November 19th on National Geographic with the first two episodes, and future episodes on the following two Sundays. The series will begin streaming on Disney+ and Hulu on Monday, November 20th.  Let’s take a look at the various episodes. 

“Ocean Odysseys”

Christmas Island red crab
A Christmas Island red crab sits on a rock overlooking the ocean. (National Geographic for Disney/Braydon Moloney)

Long before us, great travelers crossed our oceans, making incredible journeys to bring new life into the world. From the humpback mom leading her newborn calf across the Pacific to the green turtle battling sharks to lay her eggs on the beach where she herself was born, join the dedicated moms risking it all so these great ocean odysseys will continue for generations to come.

“Chasing the African Rains”

Zebra and wildebeest cool off in a watering hole
Zebra and wildebeest cool off in a watering hole in Maasai Mara, Kenya. (National Geographic for Disney/David Chancellor)

Join the animals learning to live life on the move as they chase the rains across the African savannah. From the zebra foal finding her feet in the greatest land migration on Earth to the elephant calf searching for water in a crushing drought, these rookies will make these incredible journeys many times in their lifetime, but the first time is always the toughest.

“Alaska’s River Race”

A brown bear catches a salmon.
A brown bear catches a salmon. (National Geographic for Disney/Rory Dormer)

In the wilds of Alaska, there’s one journey that rules them all: the great salmon run. Leap with a female salmon battling a torrent of obstacles to spawn, soar with a juvenile bald eagle, and trek with a first-time brown bear mom on a desperate bid to keep her cubs alive. Alaska’s most iconic travelers risk it all on an epic quest to the river to secure their future.

“Home at the End of the Earth”

The 'Vinson Of Antarctica' expedition yacht.
The ‘Vinson Of Antarctica’ expedition yacht. (National Geographic for Disney/Holly Harrison)

When you live at the very ends of the earth, there’s no place like home. Join the animals racing south to make the most of the short Antarctic summer. From the feisty rockhopper on an epic swim back to land to the wandering albatross soaring tens of thousands of miles to reunite with his lifelong love, brave the elements with these heroic travelers as they chase the summer back home.

“Polar Parenting”

A reindeer
A reindeer with a beautiful landscape view in the background. (National Geographic for Disney/Holly Harrison)

The Arctic is a tough place to be a parent, and it’s even tougher when you have to lead your family on an epic journey to survive. From the polar bear mom guiding her tiny cubs out onto the sea ice for the very first time to the dedicated caribou escaping wolves to save her unborn calf, join the polar parents setting out to beat the odds in a world that’s changing faster than ever before.

“Frequent Flyers”

A mounted camera films Monarch butterflies in flight
A mounted camera films Monarch butterflies in flight. (National Geographic for Disney/Imogen Prince)

Some of the smallest animals make the most epic journeys of all, flying halfway around the world to find the best place to raise a family. From the barn swallow crossing continents to the monarch butterfly on a multigenerational mission to give her great-grandchildren the best start in life, soar alongside these frequent fliers as they race the summer north.

“Behind the Journey”

A safari vehicle with GSS rigged on the front
A safari vehicle with GSS rigged on the front while filming wildebeest in Tanzania. (National Geographic for Disney/Holly Harrison)

No one said making a series about incredible animal journeys would be easy, but nothing prepared us for what we discovered along the way. Filmed over three years and across 20 countries, we united the world’s best filmmakers and scientists to learn how essential these wild travelers are for our planet.

Be sure to watch Incredible Animal Journeys when it premieres Sunday, November 19th on National Geographic and begins streaming on Disney+ and Hulu the following day. Here is a trailer to enjoy in the meantime. 

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