Review – Green Lantern #3: The Long Game

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Green Lantern #3 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Green Lantern #3 – Jeremy Adams, Writer; Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Writers; Xermanico, Montos, Artists; Romulo Fajardo Jr, Adriano Lucas, Colorists

Ray – 9.5/10

Ray: Green Lantern was one of those titles that had a weird structure, going on hiatus for two months thanks to Knight Terrors despite having just begun. The good news is, unlike other books, the tie-ins here were written by Jeremy Adams who used the time to flesh out Hal’s character a little more—and the Alex Segura backup did the same to Sinestro. So in a way, it’s perfect timing—because after lurking in the background for more of the series, Sinestro is finally ready to make his movie and get revenge on Hal. This is a smarter, more methodical Sinestro, but it’s one whose hatred seems to burn brighter than ever—putting a decisive end to the era where Hal and Sinestro were (very) uneasy allies against a bigger threat.

Freefall. Via DC Comics.

Sinestro seems to have been planning his assault for some time, blackmailing undercover alien criminals on Earth to give him the intel he needs and assembling a strike force to attack Ferris Air. Hal, who has been spending most of his time trying to figure out his strange new ring, is taken aback when he finds out that Carol is being targeted to get to him. This kind of tactic feels a little off for Sinestro—it’s so base, so driven by anger that it almost feels like something else needs to be going on here. We’ll have to wait till next issue to find out, but Adams does a great job of building the tension until Hal and Sinestro are finally standing face to face. Green Lantern has been in such rough waters for a while as a franchise that this feels refreshing.

The same could be said for Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s John Stewart backup, which is becoming its own title later this month—next week, in fact! John has had a complicated history in recent years—becoming the God of the Lanterns via a complex plot in his last title, which now seems to exist in a different timeline. But our John Stewart is retired, living on a farm with his mother and little sister as he tries to assemble a simple life for himself. That’s not happening, as a figure from the other timeline is looking for him—and something else might be coming as well. If this backup is any indication, we should have two excellent GL books again soon.

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