Review: Two NewAir Outdoor Heaters to Keep Your Family Warm and Happy

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Last year, our extended family all pitched on a big vacation/retirement house in the country that everyone can enjoy. Part of the home includes a large outdoor patio and bbq setup that’s perfect for family enjoyment. However, this being the country, the evenings in the spring and fall can get a bit chilly, so we have been looking for ways to keep the space comfortable as much of the year as possible.

Because the house has a nice big solar installation, our inclination was to see what purely electric heaters were available on the market. Just about that time, the lovely folks at NewAir came calling and offered some of their patio heaters for review. Serendipity!

We ended up trying out two configurations of the electric outdoor heater: one that they call a “wall” header that is very similar to the narrow and wide gas heaters you’ll see at restaurants sometimes that are good for projecting heat over a wider area, and one that is designed to mimic a pendant light that can be hung over a patio table. Since their specs are very similar, I’ll review them together.

The NewAir model NOH32WBK00 infrared wall space heater and the NewAir model NOH17GBK00 infrared pendant space heater are versatile and reliable heating units for outdoor spaces. Each one will fit a specific space use in your outdoor space, either as a ceiling-hung fixture or a down-projecting heater that can be mounted to an overhang or wall.

Technical Specifications

Both patio space heaters are electric units that operate on 120V with a maximum power output of 1500 watts. Each one features a halogen heating element and reflective metal baffles that focus all the heat on the coverage area, providing even and efficient heating. The unit has a coverage area of up to 225 square feet (15′ x 15′), making them ideal for use on patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces. The temperature range is 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and each one comes with a remote control for easy temperature adjustment.

Quality and Versatility

The wall heater unit comes with an impressive set of mounting hardware for affixing it permanently to your outdoor structure—you’ll have to drill some holes for the bracket—whereas the pendant heater comes ready to hand with a matching suspension chain included in the box. The chain even has spring-closing clasps at each end, making it easy to adjust the height and move the unit as needed.

In terms of quality, both units have robust metal bodies that feel solid and durable. It should be noted that neither one has any kind of built-in fan. These heaters only radiate heat, they do not push air. Each one also comes with a remote control for temperature levels and power on/off. The pendant heater also has an LED light as well, though we found it to be a little dim for use as a primary light source (and indeed, the light from the header itself is probably brighter).


Overall, these are two excellent outdoor heaters that are perfect for what we needed—all electric heaters to keep our patio area warm with safety in mind (and not having to refill propane tanks is a big plus). If you have a small patio that you want to enjoy more often, you can’t go wrong with these!

Both units are available from the NewAir website, and you can save 10% off if you use our special GEEKDAD10 code at checkout.

Newair Outdoor Electric Infrared Wall Patio Space Heater Model NOH32WBK00: $99

Newair Outdoor Electric Infrared Ceiling Patio Space Heater Model NOH17GBK00: $179

Note: These heaters were sent as review units at no cost.

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