3rd Try Design \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

3rd Try Design: Stylized Solutions For Anxiety, ADHD, and Sensory Sensitivities

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3rd Try Design is another case of, “Tik Tok made me buy it!” The first introduction I had to their work was a video about their earplug earrings. I hadn’t heard of the brand of earplugs they were talking about, but the idea that I could have instant access to earplugs when I got sensory overloaded or had a migraine was music to my ears. I quickly learned they offer more than earplug holders. All of the designs mentioned in this review are made with hypoallergenic metal. 

3rd Try Design Basics and Attention Grabbers

You might be wondering, “What are earplug earrings?” 3rd Try Design has “Hush-Holders,” ($22.10), which are earrings that hold earplugs, basically turning your earplugs into dangle earrings. 3rd Try Design offers these in a clip-on and post style for pierced ears. While 3rd Try Design recommends using The Loop earplugs (another company made famous by TikTok), however, any earplugs that have a loop on the end, will work.

It never fails that I get comments anytime I wear them, and people realize what they are. At times, I’ve been using the earplugs and pulled them out to check out at a register, and the person at the counter would freak out about how cool they are. I overheard a woman pointing at them in a store one day, and I told her and her husband where I got them. The husband was on his phone saving 3rd Try Design’s website for them to purchase for their daughter, who also needed earplugs for sensory reasons.

The look on their faces when I told them about 3rd Try Design’s fidget earrings was priceless.

What are “fidget earrings?”

3rd Try Design Earrings \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
3rd Try Design Earrings \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

That’s right. I said, “fidget earrings.”

The fidget earrings are part of The Chill collection. Currently, there are two designs, the Push-Poppits ($21.50) and Butterflys ($21.50).

Both have magnets that are strong enough to keep the fidget dangling but weak enough that you can break the magnet connection and use the fidget.

Of the two, the Butterflys are my favorite. These earrings hold a sensory acupressure fidget ring. Overall, the Butterflys were a bit lighter on my ears and easier to get used to. My teenager loves the sensory feel of the rings, so when I wear them, he will sometimes ask for one while I fidget with the other.

The Push-Poppits are what they sound like. Poppits. Just like the Butterflys, they are held on to the post by magnets that you can gently break and then use the fidget. The Push-Poppits also come in a couple of different colors. If you see them on 3rd Try Design’s website, grab them because they are a hot seller!

At this time, these designs only come in a post style for pierced ears.

Word of warning. If you have small children, neither the Chill-Butterflys or the Push-Poppits are something you’d want them grabbing off your ears themselves. The magnet is strong enough to hold the fidget, so a two-handed approach or a gentle one-handed approach is necessary.

Honorable Mentions

3rd Try Design also sells Hush Hoops and Hush Petites ($24). I absolutely love these because the dangle is shorter than The Hush Holders. The Hush Hoops have their own built-in earplugs and are designed for teens. Currently, they are offered in a rose gold post-style for pierced ears and a black hoop clip-on. The earplugs don’t fit my ears that great, but I love the idea of them being built into a shorter chain.

The rose gold design is just to die for, and I’d wear them even if I weren’t using the earplugs that day.

Final thoughts

If you or someone you know finds themselves needing a quick fidget or reduce their noise exposure, whether it be because of sensory overload, needing to focus, headache/migraine management, or they’re just wanting some quiet, 3rd Try Design is one to check out. Their Hush Holders are great for holding your compatible earplugs, and their Chill collection makes carrying a fidget a fashion statement.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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