Review – ‘The Deluxe Gimenez’ Collected Works

The Deluxe Gimenez: The Fourth Power & The Starr Conspiracy – by Juan Gimenez

I was very sad to hear that the master Argentinian had passed away from COVID during the first stages of the pandemic in 2020. This man was a powerhouse, an impressive artist, capable of doing countless pages of perfect watercolor in comic form, with a definite display of Sci Fi knowledge and wonderful landscapes. His depiction of spaceships and machinery has influenced countless people, and he has, of course, drawn some very beautiful women in the European traditional style (I could call that ’80s segment: naked in space).

He had collaborated with incredible magazines and authors, including stories for the French Métal Hurlant and the Italian L’Eternauta magazines, and he is most known for the comic series Metabarons co-developed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

This oversized deluxe edition includes two works.

The Fourth Power is a space opera about the odyssey of star soldier Exether Mega. Through a series of heavy encounters, many space battles, and several types of monsters, she will discover that she is at the center of a complex, secret experiment to create the ultimate weapon of war.

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In second place comes the wild The Starr Conspiracy, an intergalactic feature where we get to follow an aspiring young journalist, on a wild goose chase to uncover a space conspiracy scoop that could prove to be the story of the century.

The edition is a bit pricey and I would feel it is a collector’s item. Many of the grand authors and comic book creators out there would love to own it (if only for reference purposes), and to honor Gimenez, who was one of the great artists in the comic book industry from the Twentieth Century.

The Deluxe Gimenez is on sale since July 12, 2022.

Publisher: Humanoids
Publish Date: July 12, 2022
Type: Oversized Deluxe 376 pages – Color
9.4 x 12.6 in

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