Take Dental Hygiene to the Next Level With the evowera planck O1 Adaptive Sonic Toothbrush

Technology has infiltrated and improved just about every aspect of our lives. Even a simple toothbrush has been improved. While electric toothbrushes with vibrating bristles have been around for decades, more recently sonic toothbrushes have become more popular and recommended by dentists. Rather than rotating and oscillating like traditional electric toothbrushes, they vibrate at high frequencies to clean teeth better than manual or regular electric toothbrushes. Now smart technology has been combined with a sonic toothbrush to help improve dental hygiene even more with the evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush. 

What Is the evowera planck O1?

The evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush is a smart toothbrush that features dual computing cores, a built-in operation system, and an omnidirectional sensing system achieved by an 8-axis sensor that controls a hypermag servo motor with an advanced algorithm. This toothbrush vibrates 42,000 times per minute, which helps clean between teeth and along the gum line as well as remove plaque much more effectively than traditional toothbrushing. The evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush is currently available directly from the evowera store on Amazon. It comes in either white or black and sells for $189.99. There is currently a coupon for $20 off on Amazon, so for a limited time, you can get the planck O1 for only $169.99. 

This processor controls the servo and sensors in the planck O1. Image courtesy of evowera.

Product Components and Specs

The evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush comes with the following:

  • 1 planck O1 toothbrush handle
  • 2 bush heads with hygienic caps
  • 1 wireless charging dock with a USB connector
  • 1 power adapter
  • Quick start guide

The evowera planck O1 features a power button, a function button that lets you select from six different cleaning modes, and an LCD screen that provides a variety of information. The removable brush heads have rounded bristles that help protect your gums and an NFC TAG chip that supports user identification and information storage so that the same toothbrush can be used by more than one person, with each person using their own brush head. 

The planck O1 comes in two different colors. Image courtesy of evowera.

The charging dock holds the toothbrush in place and wirelessly charges it. A 3.5-hour charge will last 28 days under normal usage. You can even customize the light on the charging dock. Adjust the brightness and the duration of time that it stays on so you can use it as a nightlight by tapping the dock twice. 

The free evowera app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. This app really lets you take advantage of the evowera planck O1 toothbrush’s technology. After creating an account and connecting the app to your toothbrush, you can customize a number of features on your toothbrush including your default cleaning mode, the chime that sounds when it turns on, and even the theme of the screen on the device. In addition, the app lets you set which hand you use when brushing and how long you want to brush each time. You can even select specific teeth in your mouth that may be sensitive! Furthermore, you can customize the charging dock light from the app and keep track of the lifespan of the current brush head. 

How to Use the evowera planck O1

The evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush is easy to use. Before you use it for the first time, be sure to download the app and create your account. Be sure to choose your hand preference and standard duration of time for brushing so you are ready to brush your teeth. You can set your default cleaning mode in the app or select the mode using the function button on the handle. Press the function button once to open the menu and then do quick presses to cycle through the cleaning modes. You can choose from five fundamental cleaning modes: clean, white, sensitive, comfort, and therapy. There is also a unique adaptive cleaning mode that records and analyzes your teeth-cleaning habits and intelligently creates a cleaning mode suitable for your teeth. 

Once you have selected a mode, then press the power button to start brushing. While brushing, you can press the function button to adjust the brushing force from 10% to 100%. You can also pause your brushing at any time by pressing the power button. The display will show how long you have been brushing and show which areas of your mouth still need to be brushed. The toothbrush divides your mouth into six sections: left, middle, and right for both top and bottom teeth. 

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After you have completed brushing your teeth, the display will show the results with a percentage for both top and bottom teeth. If less than 100%, then the section of teeth will appear yellow in the display. In order to get 100%, you need to be sure to brush not only all three sections but get both the front and back of each tooth. The sensors in the toothbrush keep track of exactly where in your mouth you are brushing. 

The display on the handle shows how well you brushed all of your teeth. Image courtesy of evowera.

Why You Should Get the evowera planck O1

For most of my life, I have used a manual toothbrush. Then a couple of years ago, my dental hygienist suggested I use an electric toothbrush. So I got a normal sonic toothbrush. It allowed me to choose from a few cleaning modes and that was it. It could not change the duration of my brushing or anything else. I just figured that was what I could expect. However, when I learned of the evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush, I was intrigued. After reading about the onboard processors, sensors, and servo motor, I had to try it out for myself. After using the planck O1 for a month, I can honestly say I am very impressed and like using it. 

This powerful servo allows for precise control. Image courtesy of evowera.

To begin with, I like the ability to pause my brushing and see how I am doing. I also like the ability to change the duration of time I brush. Most electric toothbrushes are set at 2 minutes. I prefer a little longer so I can ensure I get a thorough cleaning. When I first began using the planck O1, I was not getting 100% for both top and bottom. So I emailed my contact at the company to find out what was wrong with the toothbrush. They explained how the planck O1 monitors a user’s brushing and that it requires all surfaces of a tooth be brushed sufficiently. After learning that, I made sure to focus on areas I was not brushing enough and have been getting 100% for all my teeth. As a result, I am more aware of the way I brush my teeth and am more engaged while brushing. 

While the display on the toothbrush provides feedback, the app provides even more data. It monitors five main areas: duration, coverage, amplitude, time interval, and force. Duration is how long each brushing session lasts. Coverage is the percentage of the teeth that were brushed effectively. Amplitude is the up and down motion along the surface of the tooth, from top to gum line, measured in millimeters. Time interval is the amount of time that has passed since the previous brushing session. Finally, force is the amount of pressure the user places against their teeth measured in Newtons. The app records this information for the seven most recent sessions so you can review your performance. 

After each brushing session, the app provides a report. It looks like I need to apply a bit more pressure when brushing. Image by Michael Knight.

As I mentioned earlier, the app lets you designate areas of sensitivity in your mouth. The sensitive teeth screen has an image of all the teeth, both top and bottom. Users can then choose from five categories: potential tooth decay, gingival recession, sensitive area, root canal therapy, and areas covered by braces. Just tap on a category and then select which teeth apply. Now when you use the adaptive mode, the planck O1 will reduce the force on those areas automatically as the brush moves over them. 

The app allows you to designate specific teeth in your mouth that need special care. Image courtesy of evowera.

The way I brush my teeth has improved in the past month since I have been using the planck O1. I learned where I needed to improve and feel like I have greater control over my oral hygiene. I am very impressed with and highly recommend the evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush. It will change the way you brush your teeth.

Check out the evowera store on Amazon for more information and to make a purchase. Evowera has even provided a special 10% off discount for our GeekDad readers, valid until 29 June 2022 at 23:59 PDT. You can also watch this video to learn more about the evowera planck O1 adaptive sonic toothbrush

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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