Dan Noodle Loafs While Gina Wonders

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The award-winning podcast “Noodle Loaf” celebrates the release of Echo Songs, Volume 2, featuring songs from the series, which is the creation of musician/educator Dan Saks. The tunes derive from his interactions with kids. His daughters Joni and Shiloh participate on many tracks, such as “I Like Fun” and the auto-tuned “I Got a Bicycle.” Conversations about neuro-diversity led to the thoughtful “Different Brains.” If you’re a newcomer to the Noodle Loaf mindset, it’s never too late to dip your toe, no matter how long you’re been noodling.

You can hear the Noodle Loaf podcast here or on Spotify. Find Echo Songs, Volume 2 on Dan’s website, Amazon, and Apple Music.

Here is the video for his song, “Oh Let Us Sing Of Dr. King”:

A trained music therapist based in Philadelphia, Gina Ferragame has released Wondering, her third collection of songs that allow kids to express themselves through freedom of movement. There’s a synergy between her tunes and “Music With Gina” classes for area toddlers. Gina also works with special needs, in hospice care, and in-patient hospital care such as emotionally disturbed adolescents and adults. 

‘Wondering’ from Music With Gina
As you might expect for a performer whose clientele falls under the age of 4, the songs on Wondering are pretty and simple, dealing with easy-to-digest topics as “Halloween Parade,” “Two Unicorns,” and “Bunny Rabbit.” Gina delves a little deeper on “Covered in Gold,” which was inspired by her work with children on the autism spectrum:
He feels what he feels
He sees what he sees
He cannot be what you expected
He thinks in pictures
Breathes life into stories
He embodies the moment
Making music for the very young inspires them to expand their boundaries. After producing three albums, it has also helped her develop her musical chops as well. In case you were wondering.
Wondering is available from Music With Gina’s website, Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music.
Here is the video for her song, “Rain Rain Rain”:
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