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The iPad mini is a great form factor as light and portable tablet, but in order to comfortably take it anywhere with you it really needs some kind of protection in the form of a case. That is where the ingenious BookBook design by Twelve South transforms your glass tablet into a rugged, portable, highly functional and protective leather-bound book (at least on the outside).

The BookBook case looks right at home with a stack of good books (Image by Skip Owens)

What is the BookBook For iPad mini 6?

The BookBook case for iPad mini 6 is essentially a leather bound book (slightly worn and broken-in) on the outside, but on the inside it is a modern form fitting case (complete with a bulit-in magnetic stand). The case opens just like you would open the pages of a book…in other words it has a front and back cover. But since there are no actual pages to this “book” it has a zippered enclosure that completely seals your iPad and Apple Pencil into the case. When zippered shut, unless you are looking at it really closely, it could pass for an old leather covered book and for this nerd who loves both books and tech it pushes all of my buttons.

Specifications and features:

  • Length: 8 5/8”
  • Width: 6 3/8”
  • Thickness: 7/8”
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Full 360-degrees of protection
  • Reinforced spine and front/back covers for drop protection
  • Built-in magnetic display stand
  • Typing/sketch angle option for the stand
  • Soft interior lining
  • Dual zippers that fully “closes” the book but also allows a charging cable pass-through while zippered closed
  • Rear cutout for the rear facing camera
  • Interior pocket in the front cover to store a charging cable, paper, receipts or very small items
The inner case frame is sewn into the case on one side and held to the inside back of the case with magnets, but can swing out and be used as an iPad stand (Image by Skip Owens)

How Have I Been Using BookBook For iPad mini 6?

Before I had even purchased my iPad mini 6, it was already a foregone conclusion that I would have a BookBook as my case because I have had a BookBook case with an iPad mini before and absolutely loved it. But a lot has changed since then and my uses for the iPad mini had changed quite a bit since then. I use my iPad mini to do a lot of reading, video watching and journaling. I also use it for working out (either YouTube instructional videos or Apple Fitness+). My iPad mini is also my sheet music reader at my piano and I carry it with me at work to take handwritten notes during meetings. So as you can see I really put this little iPad mini through a variety of uses and environments.

For just everyday use around the house, the BookBook is very comfortable both to carry and to hold. Shown in the left image closed in the case and on the right the case is open with the front cover folded behind the back cover. (Image by Skip Owens)

While using the iPad mini around the house I really appreciate the book form factor of the BookBook case. You can quickly grab, carry around and even toss gently toss the cased iPad onto a bed or side table and know it will be perfectly safe. The zippered enclosure ensures that both the iPad and the Apple Pencil will stay securely within the case. While using the case around the house I simply unzip and open the case like a book, folding the front cover around the back of the case and hold the iPad like I would a book. While the iPad is very thin and light, that means there isn’t a lot to grab on to while using it. The leather case of the BookBook gives you that extra real estate for a more secure and comfortable feel, especially when using the iPad for and hour or two at a time while reading.

I am able to use the iPad mini in the BookBook case with my iPad floor stand for both workouts and at the piano. The clamps secure onto either side of the BookBook case (Image by Skip Owens)

When I am using my iPad mini while working out or playing the piano the iPad can also remain in the BookBook case and still be fully functional. I have a goose neck floor stand I use for both workouts and for positioning the iPad mini over my piano keyboard, and I can simply open up the BookBook front cover and the clamps on my iPad stand keep my iPad securely where I need it.

The BookBook fits nicely next to laptop for taking handwritten notes while working (Image by Skip Owens)

My final mode of use is for note taking while at work. These days, even two years into COVID, I am still doing a lot of work from home. Whether I am at my standing desk, a normal desk or even just sitting with my laptop in a comfy chair the BookBook case is compatible with taking handwritten notes with the iPad mini. While at a desk I open the case up like a book and it sits to the right of my laptop keyboard for quick and easy access. If I am actually at work at a conference room table or maybe working from home on the couch the BookBook works well there too. It is very comfortable to hold the BookBook case in my left hand (again with the front cover folded over the back cover) and take notes with the pencil in my right hand. The just a little bit of extra bulk the case provides makes it easy to hold the iPad one-handed like I would a light-weight paperback book and take my handwritten notes.


Going into using the BookBook now for a second time with an iPad mini I still wasn’t 100% sure that this “book” form factor was really going to be the right solution for me. But I was pleasantly surprised. The BookBook was just as handy to carry around in this form factor as I remember from years ago, but the open-faced book mode of the case proved to be more versatile than I was expecting in my new variety of use cases. The solution for the Apple Pencil is also a key design point for me and my usage. I really need that Apple Pencil handy, but most cases either do a good job of securing the Apple Pencil or making it accessible but not both. But the BookBook case pulls off both. The case leaves just enough room so you can utilize the magnetic retention built into the iPad to store the Apple Pencil on the side edge of the iPad and then for extra security (so you don’t accidentally bump the Apple Pencil while carrying it around) the case zippers around the iPad and the Apple Pencil. Such a simple yet effective solution. The spacing for the Apple Pencil is perfect. It isn’t so large that it makes the case any bigger than it needs to be, but it is big enough that when you zip the case shut the zipper clears the Apple Pencil every time.

Overall, this case is a slam dunk for me and I suspect it will be for many of you as well. Not only is it very functional but it brings a touch of class you just don’t get with other cases.


  • Excellent drop protection
  • Comfortable to hold and carry
  • Built-in stand
  • Looks fantastic


  • Form-fitted snap on internal case is not a case you want to take your iPad in and out of on a daily basis
  • Adds extra bulk to the iPad (mostly a negative, but as I point out above it can also be a feature)

The all new and re-deigned BookBook for iPad mini 6 from Twelve South is available now for $69.99 from Amazon as well as directly from Twelve South. The BookBook style of case is also available for other sized iPads and devices.

Disclaimer: I was provided a BookBook case for the purpose of this review, but Twelve South had no input into the review content.

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