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Review – The Swamp Thing #13: The Gears Grind

The Swamp Thing #13 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Swamp Thing #13 – Ram V, Writer; Mike Perkins, Artist; Mike Spicer, Colorist

Ray – 9.5/10

Ray: As we get into the final act of Ram V’s The Swamp Thing, it’s amazing just how this book is stepping its game up—both on the writing and the art end. Levi Kamei is back to the land of the living and reunited with Jennifer, but a much bigger threat is looming. He still doesn’t understand as much of the role of Swamp Thing as he needs to, and a new Parliament—the Parliament of Gears—is emerging and causing unpredictable reactions in the natural order. A team-up with Jack Hawksmoor, the king of cities, reveals just how much this is unbalancing things. An abandoned factory, something that would typically be reclaimed by the Green, is now possessed with a new form of life and defending itself with an abomination like antibodies trying to fight off infection. It’s a visually stunning segment, and one that drives home just how much the Green finds itself under attack with only a rookie Avatar to protect it.

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Reunited. Via DC Comics.

And then there’s the mysterious Trinity, a new Avatar of some sort created out of nuclear energy. She’s confused and haunted as a new being, something that makes her gentle at first—but leads to horrible consequences. The old man who tries to help her gets more than he bargained for, the townspeople who fear her discover how much power she’s packing, and she’s only just began her journey. As the issue draws to a close, Levi finds out that he may not be able to rely on the Parliament in the coming war—and the scope of the threat starts becoming very clear with the arrival of a surprise guest-star. Ram V. is creating a fascinating mythology here, but it wouldn’t work nearly as well without Mike Perkins’ art. Some of these visuals are genuinely bizarre in the best way, particularly the reveal of the enemy in the last page. With only three issues left, this feels like a new DC classic in the making.

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