On May the Fourth, Happy 12th Anniversary of the GeekDad Book

12 years ago, I had the surreal and rather delightful experience of publishing my first book, aka GeekDad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share. A lot of hard work went into that book, by me, and by a number of other GeekDad and GeekMom writers (former and current) who provided project ideas. I got to share the experience of developing a number of the projects in that book with my boys, who were 8 and 9 at the time. Now, they’re graduating college and grad school, and I feel much older while still marveling at how quickly the time has passed.

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Fly a Kite at Night

However, I continue to be really happy with that book. The contents are still sound and not too out-of-date, though if I were writing it today there would probably be more Marvel Cinematic Universe and new Star Trek references peppered in. I still take immense pride that a book written by geeky parents for geeky parents became a New York Times Bestseller and spawned two follow-ups, one of which led me to interact with such amazing people as Rod Roddenberry, Ken Jennings, John Kovalic, and David Hewlett. And now that my family has a country vacation home with a bit of land, I’m looking forward to returning to a few of those original projects with future geek-grandkids, especially flying a kite at night and the DIY slip ‘n’ slide!


So, if you’re looking for some fun, geeky projects do do with your kids, or a fun gift for the parent in your life (moms and dads alike), consider an oldie (but a goody), and check out GeekDad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share!

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Ken Denmead

Ken is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as civil engineer. He became the Publisher of GeekDad in 2007, and the owner in 2010. He also wrote the NYT bestselling GeekDad series of project books for parents and kids to share.

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