Add Security to Your Home With the Rock Space T1 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Home security is on the mind of more people lately. They are installing wireless video doorbells to see who is at the door and are even putting up security cameras around their homes. One of the downsides of installing security cameras around one’s home has been the need to run wiring to the camera and connecting it to a larger security system. However, with wireless technology, installing security cameras has become much easier and they can be managed and operated from a smart phone. Rock Space has recently released their latest product, the T1 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, that is both easy to install as well as use. 

What Is the T1 Security Camera?

The Rock Space T1 security camera is a remotely controllable camera which connects to your home Wi-Fi. It uses a rechargeable 9000mAh battery and can also be connected to an AC-powered supply. The camera delivers a 360° view with its pan and tilt capabilities. It features color night vision along with AI motion detection. It also has spotlights, a siren, two-way audio, and 256 military-grade encryption. All footage can be captured in 1080p HD with 4K digital zoom to capture clear photos and videos. The T1 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is currently available from the Rock Space Store on Amazon for the suggested retail price of $99.99. Currently there is a 15% off coupon that will save you $15 off the purchase price. 

Product Components and Features

The Rock Space T1 wireless outdoor security camera comes with the following:

  • 1 security camera
  • 1 hanging bracket
  • 1 mounting kit with screws
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 user manual

The free RockHome app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and is used to connect the security camera to your home Wi-Fi as well as operate the camera. 

How to Use the T1 Security Camera

The T1 security camera is very easy to install and start using. After unpacking it from the box, connect the USB charging cable to the bottom of the camera and then plug it into a USB-A socket. The initial charging can take at least 5 hours, so I recommend having it charge overnight. Once it is charged and you have installed the RockHome app onto your smart phone, you can create an account and then connect your camera to your home Wi-Fi. The app even has a feature to test the Wi-Fi signal to your camera. Before installing it, take the camera and your smart phone with the app and go to the location where you want to position the camera. The app will measure the signal strength and let you know if it is strong enough to operate the camera. A hanging bracket complete with screws is included in the box. If using the T1 security camera outside, it is recommended to install it so the camera hangs from the bracket with the camera on the bottom in order to improve the weatherproofing. After the bracket is installed, all you need to do to finish installation is to connect the camera to the bracket with the hand screw. Ensure the Wi-Fi antennas on each side of the camera are pointing up for better signal reception. The T1 can also be installed indoors. You don’t even have to use the hanging bracket. Instead, turn it upside down so the camera is on top. The base that would normally attach to the bracket has a rubber-like ring around the bottom perfect for setting on a flat surface such as a shelf. 

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I mounted my T1 security camera on a tree to view my back yard. Image by Michael Knight.

Now that the T1 security camera is installed, you can control it from the app. When setting up the camera, you can customize the name and designate its location. This can be useful if you are using more that one camera. In fact, the app can handle several cameras at once. While you are viewing a live scene from the camera, there are several features you can use within the app. You can toggle sound on or off so you can hear what the camera’s speakers are picking up. The Control button lets you take directly control to pan and tilt the camera to see what you want. The Alarm Siren button lets you turn on a siren sound which can deter intruders. The Position button opens a screen where you can create your own custom views. Before going to the Position menu, use the Control button to aim the camera at the view you want, then go to Position and save it as a preset. Since the camera can pan 360 degrees, this is a great way to send the camera quickly to a preset view without having to manually control it. The White Lights button toggles two small spotlights on and off for viewing at night. Finally, the 2-Way Radio button lets you talk to someone near the camera. The app can also send you notifications when the camera detects motion. You can set the motion detection sensitivity and even disable notifications with the Do Not Disturb feature.

There are several features you can access from the app including the ability to create preset views. Image by Michael Knight.

When the battery gets low, unless you are using a direct AC-power connector, then just unscrew the T1 security camera from the hanging bracket and plug it in to a power source with the USB cable. Once it is fully charged, screw it back into the hanging bracket and it is ready to go again. The camera also includes seven days of free rolling cloud storage for pictures and videos and a 30-day free trial of advanced features. If you want to save video directly on the camera, there is an SD slot which can accommodate an SD card up to 128 GB. This allows the camera to record images and video even when not connected to Wi-Fi. 

Why You Should Get the T1 Security Camera

I am impressed by the T1 wireless outdoor security camera. I could not believe how quick it was to set up. I spent more time thinking of where I wanted to install it. I finally decided on the backyard. So I could get a good view of most of the yard as well as the house, I mounted it on a tree along the fence line. Since I was attaching the bracket to a tree rather than a wall, I used some longer screws than what came in the box. The app does an incredible job of walking the user through the installation and setup process. Then once you are connected, the app makes operating the camera a simple process. 

All of the features worked great. I could pan and tilt the camera, set up positions, and even use the 2-way radio to talk to family members in my yard. After the sun set, I had the T1 set for infrared vision and I could see the the yard and the dogs moving about in the dark. I turned on the white lights and the image turned from black and white to color. It is amazing the difference those two small LED spotlights make for night view. In fact, you can even set the camera to start off in infrared mode and then to activate the white lights when motion is detected. I also liked how I can customize the motion detection sensitivity as well as the duration the camera will record when it senses motion. You can even choose to record in standard or high definition. 

This is a view of the infrared night vision view. Other than the lights on in the house, the yard was very dark. Image by Michael Knight.

After my experience with the T1, I am considering getting one or two more to cover my front yard as well as the side yard. If you have been thinking about getting a security camera for your home, but were concerned about physically installing the camera and connecting it, then I recommend the Rock Space T1 wireless outdoor security camera. 

For more information, check out the T1 Security Camera at the Rock Space store on Amazon.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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