Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for the Week Ending April 29, 2022

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Here is the board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending April 29, 2022.

Gaming News

  • Firefly may never return to the big or small screen, but Gale Force Nine continues to expand its collection of games based on the cult-favorite series. This week, they announced Firely: Misbehavin’, a deck-building card game that is due out in August. The company has also announced Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock, a spin-off of the popular RPG. Firefly: The Game is our featured image this week.
  • James Kniffen, co-creator of Forbidden Stars and Star Wars: Armada, is designing Twilight Imperium: Inscription, a roll-and-write in the same universe as the classic sci-fi game. Fantasy Flight announced the game as part of their Twilight Imperium reveal video, although few other details are available at this time.
  • Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile is getting an expansion. In an update on the original game’s Kickstarter page, designer Cole Wehrle revealed that they are in “early stages” of development and that it would be months before any real details were available. 
  • Sushi Go! designer Phil Walker-Harding and his wife Meredith have founded a new studio, Joey Games. Focusing on creating games using sustainable techniques, the studio has already announced three new games, all with an Australian theme: Busy Beaks, a card game about Australian birdlife; Scribbly Gum, a drawing game about the Australian gum trees; and Pass the Party Food, a co-op game about Australian buffets. 
  • Employees of Card Kingdom, a Seattle-based company that is one of the largest resellers of Magic: The Gathering, are seeking to unionize and join Washington-based UFCW 3000, a union that currently includes grocers and retail and health care workers. 
  • The Dungeons & Dragons movie has an official subtitle: Honor Among Thieves. The movie will be “inspired” by the Forgotten Realms and Sword Coast settings. We won’t see the movie for at least another year—its release date is March 3, 2023—so many more details are sure to follow.
  • The next board game to make the leap to the silver screen is Exploding Kittens, which is being adapted as a series by Netflix. The adult animated series will star Tom Ellis, Lucy Liu, and Ally Maki and will be on the streamer next year. Netflix and Exploding Kittens are also teaming up to create Exploding Kittens-The Game, a video game based on the card game, due out in May.
  • Classic fast card game Love Letter is getting a 10th Anniversary edition and a second edition. The latter is a brand-new version of the game and will introduce 16 new characters with new mechanics and abilities. It can be played by itself or combined with the original. The 10th Anniversary edition will contain all of the unique rules and components from the original versions. A third title, Love Letter: Stories, is also on its way. 
  • Maui is a game about competitive beach towel placement, for those who seem to have missed the memo that the beach is supposed to be a relaxing place. The competitive puzzle game is being produced by the studio responsible for Azul and should be out this summer.

GeekDad & GeekMom Reviews

Here’s what we reviewed since our last ReRoll:

What We’re Playing

Finally, here’s what the GeekDads and GeekMoms played:

  • Jonathan Liu played Decorum, Magic Maze, Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade, Cubitos, Gen7, The Hunger, Long Shot: The Dice Game, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders, Go Stop, Castles by the Sea, Hidden Leaders, Tiny Epic Vikings, and Downtown Farmers Market.

  • Aaron Spurlock played Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, Mandala Stones, and The Shining.

  • Michael Knight played Reload and Undaunted: Normandy.

  • Robin Brooks played Lord of the Rings LCG, Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Lord of the Rings: LCG, Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze, and Ascension: Tactics.

  • Michael Pistiolas played Mice and Mystics, Tainted Grail, and Wingspan.

  • Paul Benson played The Warriors: Come Out to Play, Dungeons Dice & Danger, Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, and Dungeons & Dragons: Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

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