Mama B and Uncle T at the Zoo, New Father Goose Video

There’s always a market for kid’s music for the very, very young. By that, I mean kids who are too young to discriminate between Sesame Street, The Wiggles, and whatever else finds its way onto mom’s phone or into the family car’s CD player. Teething kids might voice a preference for the tastiest CD label, but that’s another story. 

‘Zoology’ from Mama B and Uncle T
Mama B and Uncle T (Jacq Becker and Travis Warner) have produced Zoology for this particular market segment. The songs are all animal-based, from “Giggling Gorillas” to “Pink Polka Dot Flamingo” to “Toucan-O-Rama.” Plus there’s a host of infant and baby animal noises, if only to incessantly drive home that Zoology is perfect fodder for local car rides and bedtime routines. Two of the tracks are even lullabies, “Goodnight Zoo” and “Sleep Tight.” 
Zoology doesn’t break new ground with its animal-based menagerie, however the songs are not meant for anthropologists. And if you didn’t guess, the zoo is a metaphor for our larger homo sapien community. 
Zoology is available from Mama B & Uncle T’s websiteAmazonSpotify, and Apple Music.

Here is the video for the duo’s song, “Hippopatamus”:

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Father Goose has a new video for the song, “Why?” from his 2021 pandemic EP Invisible. The song features son iRiE Goose, rappers Etcetera and Drsya, as well as a girl who is forbidden to sing in her home country. According to FG, for that reason he could not give her credit or show any images of her in the video. Goose doesn’t pull any punches with his music, while realizing that his base is too young for socio-political debate. The song addresses a central question from children considered minorities in their community, “Why” in regard to racism and oppression. Liberally taking the approach, “When they go low, we go high,” the chorus conspicuously includes the refrain:

Together we rise so high 
And keep on rising

You can find the song online at Soundcloud and Spotify. Here is the video for “Why?”:

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