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Interview With Dr. Mego Paul Clarke

If you are a GeekParent of a certain age then the word MEGO holds a special place in your heart. Since my grandmother purchased my first Mr. Spock Mego I have been a lifelong lover of the 8-inch cloth-covered figures that adorn the shelves and walls of my office. 

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GeekDad was excited to be able to sit down with Paul Clarke the man known as Dr. Mego to discuss how things have been going since Mego’s return four years ago. Paul was also able to give us an amazing perspective on the business of action figure collecting in the modern era. He discusses some of the difficulties in licensing and selling popular characters and the frustration that COVID-19 has caused in the toy industry.

If you are a lover of retro toys and especially all things Mego I also recommend a trip to the Mego Museum which is a place I love to visit and submerge myself in the wonders of the toys from yesteryear!

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