Divinity Roxx: ‘Ready Set Go’ for Anything

You can’t easily fool kids (unless we’re talking about Santa Claus, but let’s not go there right now). What I mean is, they can tell the difference between cereal that tastes good and cereal that’s good for them. The same principle goes for music – if you feed your kids a constant stream of basic super-positive, super-motivational songs, they’re going to reject them sooner or later. To address that dilemma, you need a solution that delivers upbeat themes without tasting like medicine. May I present Divinity Roxx, your contemporary antidote to generic, genial children’s music.

‘Ready Set Go’ from Divinity Roxx

Divinity spent five years touring and performing with Beyoncé and has produced three albums of music for adults. Her first collection for kids, Ready Set Go! dropped this month. No stranger to catchy bass lines, Divinity has a strong affinity for the kind of things that kids enjoy, such as “Saturday,” which she emphatically declares is “the best day of the week,” assisted by actress/signer Yani Marin. The Alphabet Rockers guest on “Just When You Think,” reminding listeners that they’re stronger when they “conquer the monster, and don’t quit.”

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The pandemic was a mostly negative one-way drain on families and especially children, who could not always comprehend why they couldn’t resume regular activities. Ready Set Go! seeks to rebuild confidence and empowerment as kids begin coming out of the darkness (thanks to sensible parents and vaccine mandates, etc). “Be Yourself” advises that “you can’t be nobody else.” Brooklyn’s Fyütch guests on “Feeling Good” with a bulletin that kids “light up a room like a halogen” when they have positive energy. Being surrounded by love is the theme of the multi-lingual “Love Love Love” with Latin Grammy winner 123 Andrés.

The world can be challenging and it’s the job of responsible parents to ensure that kids blossom into happy, mentally healthy adults. Divinity Roxx gives your home a friendly dose of beat-driven power pop rock with Ready Set Go!

Ready Set Go! is available from Divinity Roxx’s websiteSpotifyAmazon, and Apple Music.

Here is the video for Divinity Roxx’s song, “Ready Set Go”:

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