Twinkle Sez It’s OK to Be You (And to Dance)

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Sometimes you’ve just got to dance. It’s a ubiquitous concept that sweeps across your living room, backyard, or back seat. And when the spirit hits your family, isn’t it better to have an age-appropriate musician instead of (for instance) Cardi B singing about her bodily fluids? The Peruvian powerhouse power-pop performer Twinkle (Alitzah Weiner Navarro Dallas) has dropped her fourth family album, It’s OK to Be Me (also A Mi Me Gusta Ser Yo).

‘It’s OK to Be Me’ from Twinkle Time
It’s OK to Be Me features every track in English and Spanish, giving audiences from both cultures a chance to enjoy the lyrics in their native language. It’s also an educational opportunity to get your kids to learn how to speak (and sing) in espaƱol. 

Alitzah created Twinkle as a fully-formed character, which makes her live performances an interactive experience for children. Her music is chock full of uplifting messages not necessarily grafted to the pandemic (such as “Mask It Up”/”Mascara”). She populates the collection with brief interstitial musings that act as subliminal reminders to kids about non-conformity and developing their own personal, singular identity.

Twinkle hosts a two-hour children’s music top 20 countdown. Artists on her shows have included Esther Crow, Imagination Movers, Sugar Free All Stars, Justin Roberts, and way too many to list. The shows can be downloaded as a podcast from AppleAudiblePodbean, and iHeart.

As the world struggles to move forward in the face of anti-vaxxer and science-deniers, Twinkle uses It’s OK to Be Me to remind kids that every morning welcomes a “Brand New Day,” that every family is centered by “Love,” and that we’re all part of a community on “Together” (featuring MC Magic and Izzi Def). If we all keep our eyes on the prize—a world past COVID—it will be OK for all of us. Get ready to dance.

It’s OK to Be Me is available from Twinkle’s websiteAmazonSpotify, and Apple Music.

Here is the video for Twinkle’s song, “It’s OK to Be Me”:

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