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RE_CODED Sustainable Accessories for iPhone and MacBook From Decoded

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Apple devices like iPhones and MacBooks are more sustainable than ever. The company increasingly uses recycled components including recycled aluminum enclosures on the latest MacBooks, and iPhones that are built using recycled gold, rare earth magnets, tungsten, and tin in the solder. Why not also go for recycled material in your iPhone and MacBook protective cases and accessories? Rotterdam-based Decoded has partnered with Nike for a line of sustainable gear protection products called RE_CODED.

RE_CODED Nike Grind
RE_CODED Nike Grind iPhone case and MagSafe card sleeve in black. (Photo by Brad Moon)

The company sent me a sample pack to try out.

It would make sense that Nike would be involved in providing recycled materials for use in a wide range of products. The shoemaker works with a lot of plastics, rubber, foam, and leather. That’s going to mean a lot of scrap material to get rid of. According to Nike, 130 million pounds of Nike Grind have been recycled into partner products since 1992. And “grind” isn’t always literal. Leather and synthetic leather scraps can find a second life in other applications. RE_CODED accessories from Decoded make full use of recycled Nike Grind materials.

RE_CODED Frame Sleeve for 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

This slim, light laptop sleeve is made from at least 59% Nike Grind leather footwear scraps. It’s not padded and it’s open at the top, but is lined with soft microfiber. It will keep your 13-inch Mac laptop (2018-2021 models) safe from scratches. The sleeve material is stiff compared to the more supple leather usually used in sleeves, but the colorblock design (available in multiple color options) pops.

RE_CODED iPhone Back Cover

This iPhone case is available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. Decoded sent me a version that fits my iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s made using at least 22% Nike Grind leather footwear scraps. The case is lined with TPU for absorbing bumps and has raised bezels and a camera ring to protect all the important glassware when set down. It’s also MagSafe compatible. I found it stylish, it fit well, and was easy to remove. The integrated button covers were a little stiffer than most, but not unreasonably so.

RE_CODED MagSafe Card Sleeve

Pair the Decoded iPhone back cover with the company’s MagSafe card sleeve, and you can leave your wallet behind. The card sleeve holds two plastic cards. The RE_CODED card sleeve is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series and snaps securely to any compatible iPhone cover with integrated MagSafe. It’s made using at least 20% Nike Grind leather footwear scraps and is offered in colors that complement the RE_CODED iPhone cases.

RE_CODED Nike Grind
Decoded’s RE_CODED Nike Grind collection. (Photo by Brad Moon)

RE_CODED Magnetic Wireless Charging Puck

Finally, another MagSafe-compatible accessory. This one is a 15W wireless charging puck with an integrated USB-C cable. The charging puck has a Nike Grind composition leather inlay. When you count the travel pouch Decoded includes, the magnetic wireless charging puck is made with at least 40% Nike Grind leather footwear scraps.

While Decoded has an Amazon shop, all the RE_CODED Nike Grind gear is available directly from the company’s website. Pricing is in Euros (ranging from the equivalent of about $46.50 to just over $104 at the time of writing), with U.S. shipping available.

Disclosure: Decoded provided RE_CODED accessories for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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