The Traveler's Guide to the Toxic Seas

Kickstarter Alert: There’s Still Time to Sail Above the ‘Toxic Seas’

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This post was sponsored by The Traveler’s Guide to the Toxic Seas.
GeekDad was thrilled to discover that Jeran Jenks’ The Traveler’s Guide to the Toxic Seas Kickstarter has reached its funding goal with days to spare! At more than 150% funded, the campaign has even unlocked its first stretch goal, The Toxic Seas Spellbook, which includes 25 new spells spread across the various spellcasting classes.

But realize that this is only the beginning of our exciting journey into this “recovered apocalypse.” With more than a week left before the campaign is set to close, there’s still plenty of time to pledge your financial support to this unique fifth-edition campaign setting.

The Traveler's Guide to the Toxic Seas stretch goals
Stretch goals!

While the early-bird pledge levels are, predictably, long gone, you can still acquire a digital copy of this guidebook for $25, and physical rewards start at $50. Best of all, your contribution will push the campaign toward even more stretch goals—specifically additional player subclasses.

If you’re new to the world of The Traveler’s Guide to the Toxic Seas, I urge you to check out the free, 18-page sample PDF available on the Kickstarter page. It offers a particularly satisfying look at the rich, complex cultural underpinnings of a society rebuilding after a supernaturally charged ecological collapse.

From history to food to fashion, The Traveler’s Guide to the Toxic Seas promises a fully realized campaign setting crafted with care and an admirable attention to detail. It takes the traditional trappings of Dungeons & Dragons and blends it with a clever style of storytelling all its own. And, for at least a few days more, you can be a part of its initial success story.

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