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Review – The Flash #771: Race Against Time

The Flash #771 cover, via DC Comics.

The Flash #771 – Jeremy Adams, Writer; Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter, Berat Pekmezxi, Bryan Hitch, Max Raynor, Scott Kolins, Tom Derenick, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Brandon Peterson, Artists; Michael Atiyeh, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Well, that’s kind of a big list of artists. As you might have guessed, this is a jam issue—and that fits nicely with the theme of Wally West ping-ponging through time. When we last left off, he had found himself in the Silver Age—in the body of the Reverse Flash. Kevin Maguire handles the main segment, as Reverse Flash is auditioning for the Legion of Doom—by apparently killing Superman. This is a really funny bit, with Luthor quite obviously jealous and the other villains barely able to run a team. Naturally, Superman’s not actually dead, and Wally has to manage to stay one step ahead of the angry Kryptonian while also not being exposed by Luthor and finding a way back into the Speed Force so he can jump to another—less insane—timeline and get closer to getting back home. This is probably the funniest segment of the run so far, and I’d love to see more of these offbeat old-school villains in the Omniverse.

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Hero killer? Via DC Comics.

From there, Wally zooms around through the timeline, jumping in the body of just about every speedster out there, as brought to life by one artist after another. And then he winds up in the future—in the body of his son Jai, getting to meet the older version of his daughter Irey. I’ve never been a fan of the Flash kids, mostly due to how they were written in their initial run, but here these older versions of them are really likable and Irey in particular paints a brilliant picture of the future of the Flash family. But things don’t stay light and happy for long, as Wally has one last stop to make before his journey comes to an end—and it’s a gut punch that might put to rest some of the major lingering questions of this run. I haven’t been sold on this run completely yet, but this is easily the best issue of the run and a potential classic for Wally West fans, depending on how this arc comes to an end.

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