Review- ′Sengi and Tembo′- An Unlikely Friendship

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Giuseppe Falco (Author, Artist, Cover Artist)

Sengi and Tembo is a masterpiece, something you cannot stop reading, marveling at each stroke, at each colored frame. It is a philosophy treaty, an endearing adventure, a tale of unlikely friendship, and more.

The African savannah is portrayed here in all its windswept glory: Sengi, the little mouse, is alone in his trail. He has lost his mother to one of the countless predators that will only call him snack, morsel, tidbit and other endearing food terms.

Tembo is an old elephant that has felt his life coming to an end. He has decided to leave his herd and start his last journey towards the sun, to his people′s final resting place: the “land without beginning.”

Magically, these two very different creatures notice each other, and start a very unlikely friendship. In doing so, their futures will be changed forever.

Somehow, none of them is willing to give up. Sengi even decides to fight off his main predator, a huge lizard that might remind you of a certain politician. The Lizard is appalled, (because morsels are not supposed to fight back), and calls to the lions, and to the hyenas, to attack and stop this madness. The Law must be obeyed!

However, with Tembo as his ally, things might go differently, for once. This is a great work of graphic art, and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Sengi and Tembo is on sale since June 2021

AVAILABLE: June, 2021

Featured image by Giuseppe Falco, all images belong to Scout Comics

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