Review – Justice League #60: The Redemption of Black Adam

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Justice League #60 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League #60 – Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V, Writers; David Marquez, Xermanico, Artists; Tamra Bonvillain, Romulo Fajardo Jr, Colorists

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: Brian Michael Bendis on team books is a very distinct thing. His character-focused books can sometimes feel a bit slow, but when he has a lot of characters to work with, the dialogue tends to go a mile a minute—whether it works or not. I think so far, his Justice League is on the good side of that spectrum, even if the focus on Naomi often makes this feel like a continuation less of this franchise and more of his personal continuity. When we last left off, Black Adam had sought out Naomi to find out what she knows about the mysterious villain Brutus—only to be met by Superman, who wants to keep the notorious villain away from their new ally. Black Adam, surprisingly, takes this better than expected.

Questions and answers. Via DC Comics.

Black Adam’s redemption is the most interesting part of this series, although it’s not the first time that’s been toyed with. The introduction of Hippolyta, who enters the fray as Brutus invades her island, is well done and completes the team. The dialogue is strong and Bendis writes a great Superman, although his Green Arrow may be a bit too snarky by half and Brutus remains oddly casual for a Doomsday-like villain. A little too much of the main story is devoted to Naomi recapping the events of her series, which was underordered when it came out, but it builds to a hilariously chaotic trip through the multiverse as they return to Naomi’s world. This book seems to be finding its momentum, but the main story is still a little slow.

The Justice League Dark backup is also setting up a larger conflict down the line, as the League consults with the remnants of Justice League Dark about the return of Merlin and tries to bring the chaotic, dangerous Etrigan into the fold. There’s some great scenes of tension, but Zatanna and Constantine make a solid center for this team. Merlin, meanwhile, is effectively sold as a threat with a terrifying segment in a bookstore, and the return of Ragman to the fray definitely had me happy. While I would have liked to see Ram V get to continue his main story in its own book, the story syncs up well with the main story and seems to be moving along at a good pace for a backup.

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