Review – Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 – Legacies of Themyscira

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 – Becky Cloonan/Michael W. Conrad, LL McKinney, Writers; Jen Bartel, Alitha Martinez/Mark Morales, Artists; Emilio Lopez, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: Two very different stories of the legacy of Wonder Woman in this issue, as the character’s future starts to take shape. The first story is focusing on Diana, by incoming creative team Cloonan and Conrad with guest art by the amazing Jen Bartel. This one takes place deep in the future, where Diana is one of the few heroes left. Earth is facing destruction, Swamp Thing is at the end of his life, Batman is long gone—and Diana is still as youthful and powerful as ever. But any peace she’s managed to bring to Earth is threatened once again when a mysterious force destroys Apokalips and sends a newly empowered Darkseid hurtling towards Earth.

Remembrances. Via DC Comics.

This is a gorgeous story, but the tone is a little wonky in points. Diana’s segments are excellent, almost lyrical in places as she reflects on the very long life she’s lived and the friends she’s lost. The Apokalips segments have a very different tone, a bit too over the top. We don’t know too much about this new world yet, so it’s hard to see where the Amazons we meet here actually came from. The arrival of another hero from Diana’s past comes as a surprise. It’s a visual feast, but the story definitely feels like it plunks us into the middle of a story we don’t know about yet. I’m intrigued, but not 100% sold yet.

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The wrath of Grail. Via DC Comics.

I feel a similar way about the Nubia backup, by upcoming OGN writer LL McKinney with art by Alitha Martinez. It loses me a bit right off the bat with the return of the evil Grail, one of the less-compelling Wonder Woman villains of recent years. But Nubia, who wastes no time introducing herself and showing that she doesn’t intend to go easy on Diana’s enemies, is a compelling lead. Her initial action segment is good, but I’m much more interested in the status quo for her that’s set up in the latter part of the story.

Nubia’s mentor, or close to it, seems to be her eccentric Aunt Nancy—a powerful woman with ties to ancient magic who runs a secret club that’s a sanctuary for magical beings. Nubia cuts a deal with her to get information on what Grail wants with the artifacts she aimed to steal. The lead character is an intriguing revival of the fan favorite character, although it seems a bit odd to introduce her like this right before her graphic novel, which is going to introduce her as a younger heroine and explain her origin. A couple of Future State books have had this issue, feeling a bit like they’re released out of order.

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