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The GeekMom and GeekDad family have been fans of CINEMOOD’s family-friendly projectors since their original crowdfunding campaign in 2016. We were amazed when the CINEMOOD 360 added the ability to project virtual reality (VR) content outward with the user at the center of the image (instead of inward like a VR headset)—putting the user at the center of the image and allowing everyone to experience the virtual world (Get Out with CINEMOOD 360 (While Staying In), GeekDad, Michael Kaufman, April 9, 2020).

Keeping the Good

The new CINEMOOD TV includes all of the earlier models’ best features: preloaded parent-approved kids’ content (including educational stories and videos), 360-degree content, and motion games. The updated device keeps compatibility with popular streaming platforms, including YouTube, Netflix, and, most recently, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN.

Our test families loved the CINEMOOD’s ability to easily provide on-the-go entertainment for children (and children at heart) when outside—something especially nice when enjoying movie nights or at-home learning with a socially-distanced group.

New CINEMOOD TV is a handheld, family-friendly powerhouse projector.
Image Credit: CINEMOOD

Incredibly, the size of the CINEMOOD TV has also remained almost the same as its predecessors: a 3.3-inch cube—making it a hand-held device, even when those are the hands of a child.

Bringing the Better

The new device is five times faster and brighter, so it can stream content in the daylight, plus has increased on-board memory storage. The built-in speaker in the CINEMOOD TV is also three times as loud as the previous model, making it even better when brought outside for movie night! The rechargeable battery on the new device is also improved, now providing up to 4 hours of playtime!

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The new CINEMOOD TV has the feature that we didn’t know that we really wanted: wireless LTE capability, allowing users to stream almost anywhere, without the need for a dedicated smart device… especially awesome when keeping the kids entertained without taking the parent’s device out of service.

Gone are the days of families being tethered to their living room TV sets. Content consumption is an active pastime that requires on-the-go versatility. The over seventy thousand units we’ve sold in the last three years validate this consumer trajectory, and we’ve worked hard to develop a device powerful enough to meet our family’s where they are headed—powerful enough to replace their TV sets.
— Paul Zhuravlev, Co-founder and CEO of CINEMOOD

One more feature that we were particularly excited about: the CINEMOOD TV has a Zoom application available! There’s no camera, but you can participate in the meetings that have become a regular occurrence for all of us during the pandemic while projecting the video as a 120-inch image.

The Best Is Still to Come

In discussions with the CINEMOOD team, we were told that updates to the CINEMOOD TV software will bring voice navigation, an AI-empowered content recommendation system, video calling, and more.

Final Thoughts

We brought our test unit outside to watch election results projected on the side of a local restaurant, and then again to create a Princess Bride screening in a local park for my daughter’s birthday! Our biggest take-away comparing the updated CINEMOOD TV with previous units and with other mobile projectors is that this unit, with the increased brightness and volume, makes the CINEMOOD TV a device for the whole family to enjoy, not just the children.

The initial supply of CINEMOOD TV units went fast… but fear not! A new supply is expected by the end of April! Orders can be placed now for a discounted price on, but only until February 1, 2021.

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