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I’ve always wondered about home air purifiers. Do they actually do anything, or is it all just so much placebo effect? Still, in 2020, with everything going on, the idea of something in my home to kill off unseen invaders? Tempting. So when I was offered a chance to review the Airdog X3, I went for it.


The Airdog is a rectangular tower that you plug into a wall outlet. Air is sucked in via bottom vents, passes through a bacteria-annihilating electrical field, a filter for catching particulates, and then out the fan on the top. This sounds like an ionizer but it is not that. There is no ozone smell or other unpleasant experience.

Setup was simple, and the controls pretty straight forward. A top display shows power, the fan speed (yes, you can adjust), your air quality rating, a filter change reminder, and a spot for error codes. On the bottom is a colored light that glows green for good air, yellow for iffy, red for bad.

The first thing I noticed was that the fans make a very pleasant white noise sound. If you usually use a white noise machine, you can retire it and just use this instead. The second thing was that the X3 is very responsive. For example, my wife was given an infuser for her birthday by a friend. The night we plugged it in, the X3 was not happy. It quickly told us the air quality in the room had dropped. Really, it was just picking up the particulates from the infuser, but it was nice to see it react so quickly.

In case you are wondering, it also reacts to dog flatulence. Thanks for helping us test, Junebug! (VERY red light.)

I do like how the Airdog’s filters are all washable. I’ve yet to do so, but it cuts down on total cost of ownership. They’re “graphene infused” which Airdog claims “which could attract particles as small as 0.0146µm and collect 99.9% of Bacteria, 99.9% PM2.5, 99.0% Formaldehyde/VOCs!” I do not know what that means but I do know that after painting my kitchen my bedroom did not have “paint stink.”

Source: Airdog

I have to be honest, I have no real way to test my air quality. So I have no way of knowing if the Airdog actually did anything substantial. I will tell you though, we noticed after 2 weeks of using the Airdog X3 in our bedroom that we were absolutely sleeping better and breathing a little easier. I have been debating moving it out to my living room for the Sabbath, as we spend much of our time there. I also noticed a change in that cooking smells usually lingered in my upstairs bedrooms and with the Airdog they did not.

The X3 is currently available to back on Indiegogo; you can choose to back at multiple levels. The early bird special of $319 is still available as of this writing. I do love the idea of the “Mansion” or “Castle” packs, even if I am absolutely not the target audience. $319 for an air purifier isn’t bad, especially when you consider that you never have to buy new filters ever.

With the current medical situation ongoing, I feel comfortable saying we should all look at air purifiers. After a few weeks, I feel comfortable recommending the AirDog X3

Note: Just to clear the air (get it?) I was provided with a review unit by Airdog.
Note II: This article contains affiliate links.

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