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Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Dark Nights Death Metal: Trinity Crisis #1 – Scott Snyder, Writer; Francis Manapul, Artist; Ian Herring, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Dark Nights: Death Metal is taking a bit of a break, but the main story continues in this one-shot by core series writer Scott Snyder and guest artist Francis Manapul. They join forces to bring us a twisty adventure reinventing some of the greatest DC stories of all time. Perpetua and the Darkest Knight have joined forces to create something called “Crisis Worlds” to feed Perpetua with crisis energy. The only way to stop her from becoming all-powerful? Invade these worlds one by one, and so a squad of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, alongside Harley, Jarro, a weakened Swamp Thing, and an undead Jonah Hex make their move on the living fortress of Castle Bat.

Return to Crisis. Via DC Comics.

One of the biggest fun parts of this event has been the constant creation of new evil Batmen, and this issue doesn’t hold back. Sure, there are ones that are just Batman bonded with other heroes or villains, but some inventive one like a mad Scarecrow/Batman hybrid who seems to contain the essence of all the Arkham inmates, or a mysterious robot that holds a shocking face from Batman’s past, beg for more expansion. The battle is chaotic, and once the Robin King shows up things take a turn to deadly. Harley continues her journey to becoming one of DC’s top heroes, Swamp Thing makes a painful sacrifice, and one of the heroes pays the ultimate price in a shocking battle.

It’s all so Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (two of whom barely survive a confrontation with a new villain with ties to them both) can make it to the Crisis Worlds, where we get to see Manapul reinvent some of the most famous DC stories of all time. Manapul’s art is definitely different with Herring coloring him, but no less strong. I wish the return of one of DC’s most dangerous villains wasn’t spoiled on the cover, but there is a great last-page twist about the Crisis Worlds that sets up some fascinating things to come. This is an essential part of the crossover, with the cliffhanger to be resolved in the next issue of the main series. That can be dicey, but with a creative team this strong, you can be assured you’re getting a worthy next chapter even if it’s in a one-shot.

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