Kickstarter Update: Condition Chips for 5th Edition

Despite our hobbled postal system, a handful of pre-production D&D condition chips from Airmail Adventures’ current Kickstarter managed to make their way across the vast ocean and into my hot little hands. With only a few days left to contribute to this campaign, I wanted to show off these spectacular wares to anyone still on the fence about pledging their monetary support.

As always when someone here at GeekDad gains access to prototype materials, I’ll remind you that final product designs are subject to change. Though, in this case, Airmail Adventures mentions specifically that their “designs are 95% complete,” so I don’t expect any full overhauls for the pieces in question.

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Of the 20 chips touted in the full set, I received five: Petrified, Unconscious, Poisoned, Blinded, and Incapacitated. Each boasts a colorful design on front, full condition details on the flip side, and fits snugly under the afflicted miniature. Rather than a high-gloss sheen, they’ve got a nice matte finish to prevent slippage, and they feel positively perfect in-hand.

Each has the proper weight and satisfying “clack” of a quality poker chip, and I could not be more excited about adding the full complement of chips to my Dungeon Master’s toolkit.

While many of us can’t afford a luxury gaming table and don’t have the time to 3D print or model and paint tactile terrain, these condition chips are an affordable and low-impact way to add a touch of class to a regular tabletop experience. (Suffice it to say my gaming group was blown away when I busted these bad boys out at our most recent campaign session.)

With less than a week remaining, you can still get on board the Condition Chips for 5th Edition Kickstarter. One set of chips will set you back approximately $25, two sets for $45, and three sets for $64, with expected delivery in January 2021. I, for one, will be counting the days! 

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