Crowdfunding Alert: Sunsa Wand – Simple Smart Blinds

The Sunsa Wand is the easiest and most affordable way to automate and turn your blinds smart in under 2 minutes. Save time, energy, and money by automating your blinds. Added bonus: their marketing team has created a promotional video that is hilarious.

Simply replace the wand on current blinds with the Sunsa Wand and users will have automated, motorized smart blinds that can tilt your blinds open and close.

What Is The Sunsa Wand?

Sunsa Wand is a device that can automate, motorize and make any blinds smart. Adding window blinds to a smart home is a great way to operate hard to reach blinds, especially for those who need help with accessibility.

The Sunsa Wand has launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, there are some awesome perks still available for backers. Click here for the Sunsa Wand campaign on Indiegogo.

New to Indiegogo? Check out our crowdfunding primer.

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Sunsa Wand: What’s in the Box?

Sunsa Wand Includes the following parts/pieces:

1 Sunsa Wand
3 Adapters and 3 Tips that will make sure the Sunsa Wand works with horizontal blinds, vertical blinds or mini blinds.

How to Use Sunsa Wand


The Sunsa Wand claims a two minute installation. Simply replace the existing wand on your blinds with the Sunsa Wand and attach the adapter to keep the wand in place. Then setup the wands through the Sunsa Wand app and connect to Wifi — no extra hub is required. Sunsa Wand has multiple power options: four AA Batteries, a wall plug, or even a solar adapter so no batteries are ever required.


The Sunsa Wand will operate through a dedicated app or voice control through Amazon Echo (Google Assistant, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and others are on the roadmap for development soon). Of course, users can still use the wand by hand to manually open or close the blinds.

Sunsa Wand automates existing blinds with smart home functionality.
Image Credit: Sunsa Homes


The Sunsa Wand will allow users to keep their existing blinds, and control them from anywhere through their phone. The application will allow users to create schedules to automatically open and close your blinds or groups of blinds set by the user. An integrated sensor within the wand will measure room temperature and open/close the blinds at a temperature users specify to save on energy bills and help maintain an ideal temperature. A light sensor is also built-in to detect light coming through the window, and open/close based on user’s preference.

Why You Should Get Sunsa Wand

Adding existing blinds to a smart home has been difficult, with only a few solutions available, and none that could operate a wand-based mechanism… until the Sunsa Wand. Any users, like myself, who have been searching in vain will be thrilled that a solution has been found.

Disclosure: GeekDad is expecting a sample of this item for review purposes.


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