Social Media Fun With ‘What Do You Meme? Family Edition’

Released in 2016, the original What Do You Meme? is an award-winning game where players attempt to out-humor each other by creating their own memes by pairing images with humorous captions. Unfortunately for families, the first edition was very heavy on off-color, even raunchy, humor that made it very, very not safe for game night with the kids.

What Is the What Do You Meme? Family Edition?

The new Family Edition uses the same gameplay but removes the R-rated photos and captions that were in the original.

The ‘What Do You Meme? Family Edition’ is social media inspired fun the kids can participate in.
Image Credit: What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? Family Edition? Components

  • 300 Caption Cards
  • 65 Photo Cards
  • 1 Easel (to properly display those fantastic photo cards)

All the parts are made of thick, high-quality laminated cardboard. The photo cards take advantage of the lamination and feature incredibly vivid images.

How to Play the What Do You Meme? Family Edition?

Instructions for What Do You Meme? are simple: each player is dealt a hand of seven caption cards to pair with the selected photo card for each round. The caption cards are passed to the rotating judge (which is great, because everyone gets chance to decide, based on what’s funny to them) who shuffles them and then reads them aloud—this is the funniest part of the game and is all but guaranteed to generate some laughs. The funniest meme combination of the round is selected by the judge and the winner takes the photo card as a trophy; the winning player is the one that reaches the agreed upon number of photo cards first (the official rules recommend different numbers of image cards required to win for different numbers of players).

Pro Tip: Pick your caption card to match the judge’s sense of humor.

Want to play a hand? Here are your seven caption cards and the image card that the judge selected. Which card will you play?

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Let’s try a hand of “What Do You Meme? Family Edition”… here are your seven caption cards and the image that the judge selected. Which one will you use?
Image Credit: Michael Kaufman

How about another? Here are your seven new caption cards (if this was real gameplay, you would still have your six unplayed cards, plus one new one from the deck) and a new image card that the judge selected. Which card will you play?

Let’s try a hand of “What Do You Meme? Family Edition”… here are your seven caption cards and the image that the judge selected. Which one will you use?
Image Credit: Michael Kaufman

Why You Should Play the What Do You Meme? Family Edition?

We were sent a review copy of What Do You Meme? Family Edition for purposes of this review, and COVID-19 has given us more than a great reason to play (of course, all opinions are our own). All three kids (between 11 and 15 years old) got the idea immediately because they understand social media; a basic understanding of the concept of memes is necessary to enjoy the game (hence the 8+ age recommendation). We first played with the judge getting to pick the photo that they wanted the players to have to add their caption to, but then shifted to a random selection just to reduce the delay between each round. As each of us got our turn to be judge, it was interesting to see how the sense of humor was so similar within our family; I think that once COVID-19 isolation is over, we will need to have a larger game with friends from multiple families.

What Do You Meme? Family Edition is recommended for ages 8 and above; click for a direct link to purchase on Amazon.


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Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of this game for review purposes.

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