Review – The Green Lantern: Season Two #2: Earthbound

The Green Lantern: Season Two #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Green Lantern: Season Two #2 – Grant Morrison, Writer; Liam Sharp, Artist; Steve Oliff, Colorist

Ratins: Ray – 9.5/10

Ray: The Green Lantern: Season Two #2, a spectacularly bizarre issue from Grant Morrison, shows that while he may have adapted his style to fit this more straightforward cosmic epic, he has not lost an iota of his Morrisonesque charm.

Hal is back on Earth, investigating a new threat on Earth under the orders of the New Guardians. While it’s within his duties as a sector Lantern, he seems to view it more as being “grounded.. But we don’t have much time to look into how he feels about it, because he’s thrown into a strange adventure right out of the 70s. Set in a bizarre automated city named Cosmidor City, Hal finds himself reunited with an old girlfriend named Eve, whose father is involved in the city’s construction. But it soon becomes clear there’s something sinister going on here – isn’t there always? – and it has to do with the reasons everyone is talking like a refugee from the Hippie days, and with a strange haunted squid-like mask.

If you’re lost already, just wait!

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Welcome to the future. Via DC Comics.

What starts out as an opportunity for Liam Sharp to show off his brighter and more futuristic art style shifts dramatically into a dark and foreboding environment as we discover the city’s dark secret and Hal finds himself at the center of a civil war involving an ancient race of bird people.

I would say it makes sense in context but – it actually does. For all the strangeness, you quickly find yourself immersed in the power struggle between the two leaders and the solution Hal comes up with is very clever – and surprisingly adorable. The tone shifts quite a few times in The Green Lantern Season Two #2, and Morrison manages to keep pace with a clever script that takes you by surprise while keeping the story grounded in an excellent message about the only way to actually stop war long-term.

If this is a look at how Hal’s adventures on Earth will be, I don’t think he’s going to be bored for long.

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Disclaimer: GeekDad received this comic for review purposes.

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