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GeekDad Review: Woolnut Leather MacBook Sleeve

Sometimes an object that’s a little luxurious and tactile can be strangely comforting at stressful times like these. The Woolnut Leather MacBook Sleeve is one of those objects. It’s made of beautiful Scandinavian leather and lined with wool felt. It looks luxurious, feels warm and natural, and even smells good. And it keeps your laptop safely protected when not in use.

Woolnut MacBook Sleeve in cognac leather, with a Pixelbook Go. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Protect Your MacBook (or Other Laptop) in Style

The Walnut Leather MacBook Sleeve is available for a wide range of Apple MacBook models, right up to the 16-inch MacBook Pro. They are also offered for various iPad Pro models. But that doesn’t mean they’re limited to use with Apple products. The review unit I was sent was for an older 13-inch MacBook Air, but I’ve actually been using it primarily with a Pixelbook Go. And the Cognac leather really makes a nice contrast with the Just Black paint job on the Google Chromebook…

The sleeves are open-ended (zippered models are also offered), nicely stitched, and the full-grain leather gives them a grippy feel. The wool lining is thick and soft, protecting your laptop’s finish when inserted. The Woolnut logo is embossed on one side—if you don’t like looking at a sheep, you can always turn the sleeve over… The minimalist approach works well visually while offering basic drop and bump protection for the device inside. With the open-ended design, you can also charge your device without removing it from the sleeve.

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Premium Materials

Woolnut’s products (I’ve also test-driven their iPhone cases) have a premium look and feel. The classic, minimalist designs have something to do with that. So does the use of high-quality materials. This means vegetable-tanned, full-grain Scandinavian leather, and 100% natural wool felt sourced from Germany.

There are several color options offered, including green, cognac, and black.

Inside view, showing the natural wool felt lining. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Affordable Luxury

Pricing varies by size, model, and whether you order them direct from Woolnut, but the Leather Sleeve for MacBooks starts at a very reasonable $79 on Amazon. Personally, I think it’s well worth it for something that’s this well crafted. And remember—it may say “for MacBooks” or “for iPads” in the name, but these sleeves work just as well for other electronics brands as well.

Disclosure: Woolnut provided a Leather MacBook Sleeve for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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