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Our Favorite LEGO Creations From Bricks Cascade 2020

Phoenix Hall and Ajiike Reflecting Pond of Byodoin Temple, by Pamela Henry

It’s spring in Portland, OR, and that means it’s time for Bricks Cascade! The annual LEGO event brings together hundreds of builders displaying thousands of creations.

The convention is open to the public this weekend (you can find more information here about attending), but for those who can’t make it, here are some of our favorites from this year.

The Brothers, by Patrick Biggs
Gotta Build Them All – Pokemon Master Builder, by Caleb Sheard
Rainbow Connection – Kermit The Frog with Banjo, by William Ward
City of the Clouds, by Caleb Sawatsky
Snowcrawler, by Cass McLellan
Saturn V, by Scott Bowman and Dave Schefcik
Mario, by Jennifer Smart
Just This Side of Nottingham, by Paul Kaiser
Sword of the Creator, by Thomas Clarkson
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Sean Z writes about fandom, media, and queerness for GeekDad. When he’s not researching fandom, he enjoys listening to video game music, playing boardgames, and writing code.

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  • Thanks for the shout out Sean! It was fun to show my Saturn V to so many people last weekend!

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