Review – Justice League Odyssey #17: Mystery in Space

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Justice League Odyssey #17
Justice League Odyssey #17 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League Odyssey #17 – Dan Abnett, Writer; Will Conrad, Artist; Rain Beredo, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Ray: Ever since all the more-established heroes in Justice League Odyssey were sidelined by Darkseid’s plot, Dan Abnett’s space-faring adventure has come into its own as an underdog sci-fi epic – even as it feels more and more disconnected from the main DCU.

Jessica Cruz and Orion have been captured by Darkseid’s loyalists, led by the converted Cyborg, and they see Orion as their prize and Cruz as disposable. It doesn’t take long in Justice League Odyssey #17 for the quick-to-anger New God to break free and start raining hell down on the acolytes, but it’s kind of amusing how quickly he forgets about Jessica – who may actually be more powerful than him thanks to her transformation. This segment doesn’t have too much in the way of dialogue or plot until they get an assist from the new character who’s been lurking around the fringes of this title. She adds some good, youthful chaotic neutral energy to the team that’s been lacking.

Captured. Via DC Comics.

I also enjoyed the other segment, focusing on Dex-Starr, Hax, and Blackfire. There isn’t anything resembling a hero in this motley crew – a villain, a vaguely amoral scientist, and a very cranky furball. Despite this, they’ve found themselves alone against an army of robot drones and have to figure out fast how to survive. This segment often takes on the tone of a horror movie as they try to break into the heavily fortified base and figure out the source of the creepy voice that’s been calling to them.

It’s not nearly as horrific as one would expect, as they find an obscure but significant DC character who hints at just how high the stakes are getting in this series. I’m hopeful that the momentum this series has picked up will keep building, and it’s good to see Jessica (and Dex-Starr) get a starring role again. The antagonists could still use some work, as they feel like little more than video game villains.

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