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Level Up Your ‘D&D’ Game With Dungeon in a Box Monthly Subscription

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Dungeon in a box

Looking for inspiration for your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure? Can’t quite find the time to plan, prepare, and panic over the complex details of your homebrew campaign? Then Dungeon in a Box might just be the perfect subscription box for you.

What is Dungeon in a Box?

Dungeon in a Box is a monthly subscription box for fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Every box includes an original 24-page adventure book, two maps, miniatures, terrain tiles, and more. Each box also includes a set of Skinny Minis—a new type of gaming mini that was recently Kickstarted, raising over a million dollars in October.

Each month you’ll receive the next installment of your campaign, along with everything you’ll need to make your game sessions exciting, surprising, and memorable.

What did I get?

dungeon in a box

1x Reaper Bones Goblin Warchanter mini
1x Reaper Bones Halfling Wizard
1x Set of Skinny Minis, featuring Owlbear, Goblins, and Wolves
1x Fire Giant Skinny Mini
2x Double-sided terrain maps, featuring a woodland camp encounter, lava scene, and snowy village
1x World maps of The Civilized and Uncivilized Lands of the Greenwold
1x Caravan of Peril – Adventure 1 in the 12 box adventure series
1x Gifts of the Winter King – one-shot adventure for 4-6 8/9th level characters
1x Pack of legacy stickers
1x Set of tiles for the camp encounter

Is it any good?

It definitely is! Dungeon in a Box is a genius idea that not only suits the current trend of subscription boxes making great experiential gifts, but also is the perfect tool for any new dungeon master who is unsure of what they’re getting themselves into. A campaign sent to your door, ready to play, only lacking players and the Core Rulebooks, is something I wish I had access to five years ago.

The Skinny Minis are great, really easy to put together, and the fire giant especially will send shivers down my players’ spines when I set him on the table. I can already hear the gasps. “Hey! no fair. He is cool though.”

You get two unpainted minifigures too, which, for someone who truly believes you can never have too many monsters on hand, is perfect. It will also give me an excuse to get my paints out, and now that I don’t have to prepare a session because Dungeon in a Box has that covered, I can spend the time saved actually painting them.

The quality of the overall product is what really surprises me though. Apart from a couple of skinny mini bases which snapped due to my own fat, dexterity-lacking fingers, all of the items in the box arrived in mint condition, and have clearly been designed, made, and put together with the kind of love you you only get from true D&D fans who really know what they’re doing.

Fat fingers give me a -2 to dexterity checks linked to fiddly bases

D&D Legacy

I also really like the inclusion of the legacy aspect of it all. Like Risk, Pandemic, and much, much more, Dungeon in a Box has embraced the legacy-style nature of the content. On the reverse of the fantastic map of the Lands of Greenwold is a legacy poster that helps you to track progress and specific choices made in each month’s adventure. You will find two stickers in each box, one of which, depending on choices made in the game, is then applied to the poster and gives a bonus ability to the group that they can use once per long rest. This is a great inclusion and helps to build the sense of achievement in the game, without breaking any of the rules of D&D.

dungeon in a box


I was really impressed by Dungeon in a Box, and would certainly recommend it to new dungeon masters looking to begin an original story, or anyone who wants to run a campaign but doesn’t have the time to spend planning or preparing it. You’ll still need a Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and some players to torture, but you’ll find everything else delivered right to your door once a month.


Disclaimer: GeekDad received a copy of Dungeon in a Box for review purposes. 



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