Want to Try a Fun New Family Game? Check Out the ‘AlderQuest’ Kickstarter and Support New Games!

If you love family-friendly games, and want to support their development, check out the AlderQuest Kickstarter campaign, and pledge!

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A couple weeks ago, we told you about the Kickstarter campaign for Rock Manor Games’  newest offering, AlderQuest. AlderQuest. Its an innovative and modular game about animal guilds competing to become Preservers of the Realm through a series of seasonal contests. The first coincides with winter’s arrival – a race to collect acorns. AlderQuest offers an unprecedented blend of familiar mechanics (area control, tile placement, bluffing, match-3) with an uncommon depth of strategy, in a charming head-to-head package. The game’s delightful setting should make it a family-friendly favorite.

As of the start of the final week of the campaign, they are just under 70% of the way to their goal, and gathering steam. The creators have been out and about demo-ing the game in game stores and talking it up to folks at conventions. Everybody loves Alderquest!

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And this week, they are revealing some of their stretch goals – additional cards that will make the gameplay even more exciting, all of which will be included with the base game if you pledge to help them successfully fund production. They’ve also been highlighting the animal guilds that are part of the game, and showing off the delightful art that’s included:

As the name implies, the Thieves Bloc specializes in stealing a rival’s acorns and is made of dastardly pirates and sneaky ninjas. Among these minions, Pirates tend to be aggressive with powerful “confront” abilities whereas the upgraded ninjas often have the special movement Sneak, which allows them to move diagonally – tiptoeing past your rival’s defenses.

The team at Rock Manor Games has a tremendous track record delivering great games via Kickstarter, and AlderQuest looks to be another one. If you’re ready to add it to your game night rotation, check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

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