Radio Free Hipster Ep. 103: Got the Time

We close out 2019 in style with D&D Sluggers, Autocorrect, and Alpha Chrome Yayo.

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00:44 D&D Sluggers – “Receipts (feat. Joe Jack Talcum)
04:32 Talking / Alpha Chrome Yayo – “Hadopelagia
05:21 Autocorrect – “Happy?
07:28 Primal Winds – “Back in Time” (content warning)
10:29 Crayondroids – “Fake ID (Remix)” (content warning)
13:53 Marc With a C – “Classic Country Wasn’t Multitracked in ’61
15:36 More talking / Alpha Chrome Yayo – “Hadopelagia”
16:20 Alpha Chrome Yayo – “1994pm
18:46 MC Lars & Mega Ran – “Walden
23:33 More or Les – “Birth Days/Death Nights
25:41 mc chris – “IG-88’s ’57 Chevy” (content warning)
28:22 Even more talking / Alpha Chrome Yayo – “Hadopelagia”
30:59 DJ Earworm – “United State of Pop 2019 (Run Away)

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