Review – The Flash #84: Rogues Rebellion

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Flash #84
The Flash #84 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Flash #84 – Joshua Williamson, Writer; Christian Duce, Artist; Luis Guerrero, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: The best part of “Rogues’ Reign” has been not just seeing how Flash deals with waking up in this strange new city ruled by Captain Cold, but how Cold’s fellow Rogues are dealing with the change. It’s been clear from the start that something isn’t quite right with Leonard Snart, as he’s not acting much like his old self and seems to have stopped caring about the other Rogues – even his sister. Now that Barry is out of prison and working with Wallace and Avery again in The Flash #84, it’s clear that the Speed Force is out of whack and their only hope may come from their fellow rogues. Golden Glider has already switched sides because she sees the Flash as her only chance to save her brother from himself, and the upgrade in power to her New 52 version is finally explained.

But the wild card in this whole affair is Weather Wizard, who is living in a private compound almost as secure as Cold’s prison.

Cold snap. Via DC Comics.

Weather Wizard has always been one of those Rogues who jumps back and forth over the line from antihero to villain frequently, and his most recent version has some extreme environmentalist tendencies. So it makes sense that he’s not down with Cold and Luthor destroying the planet.

A scene between Cold and Luthor makes it clear that Cold is being influenced somehow and may be getting closer to breaking free, so this may ultimately about Flash saving the Rogues from a bigger plot they have no business being involved in. But first, Barry’s going to have to get his own powers back under control and the Rogues’ suggestion for who is going to teach him will likely lead to some odd misadventures next issue. Williamson has had over eighty issues to show us exactly how to balance the dense plotting of an event storyline with a more character-driven take, and as this title marches on towards 100, it remains one of the most consistently entertaining books in DC’s lineup.

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