Kickstarter Alert: Low-Weight Mantour X E-Scooter Is High-Featured

Recently we were sent a new e-scooter with a set of innovative features: the Mantour X features both a sleek design and an incredibly low 16-pound weight thanks to carbon fiber and aluminum alloy used in construction. The design also allows for extremely simple folding/unfolding; the whole process can be done in about 5 seconds once you get the hang of it.

The Mantour X Electric Scooter is light on weight and heavy on features.
Image Credit: FlowDot

Even with such a compact, simple design, the Mantour X has a 220-pound weight limit and is able to run at a maximum speed of 12.4 mph thanks to a 240W motor. Other features include a substantial battery that will provide up to 12.4 miles of travel on a single charge. A separate battery powers an LED display on the handlebar that shows the mode, speed, and battery level. Even more LEDs are front-mounted as a bright headlight. The Mantour X uses a kick-to-start process to engage the motor; a few pushes (like any manual scooter) and the motor will start—this not only assists in balancing the rider, but also saves substantial energy in the battery (as the motor does not need to start from a stand-still).

Even though the Mantour X is carrying around a powerful battery, it is still water-resistant and durable for bad weather, with a full IP54 waterproof rating.

The Mantour X claims to be “most portable e-scooter available,” not because of its lightweight, but because of an amazing self-balancing feature. Instead of carrying a folded scooter, or awkwardly pushing any empty scooter, the Mantour X will balance independently on the front wheel when folded and “standing” vertically. From this position, a small touch from the user will guide the powered front wheel, and rolling the scooter will move along beside the user in Follow Mode with little effort required.

The Mantour X Electric Scooter will balance on its own in Follow mode.
Image Credit: FlowDot

During our testing of the pre-production unit sent to us for purposes of this review, we found that having a throttle lever on the left handle and an identical breaking lever on the right handle was confusing at first and not very intuitive, but with a little practice, we quickly gained confidence.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Mantour X Electric Scooter has already surpassed their goal—click here for a direct link to the Kickstarter campaign page and take your pick of many remaining perks. The Mantour X is currently expected to ship to backers in March 2020.

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