Kickstarter Alert: Check Out Robo Wunderkind’s LEGO-Compatible Robot Building and Programming Kit for Young Creators


Check out this Kickstarter campaign for the next generation of Robo Wunderkind’s LEGO-compatible robotics building and programming platform designed for kids.

This post was sponsored by the Robo Wunderkind Kickstarter campaign.
The folks at Robo Wunderkind already have one successful Kickstarter campaign under their belts, which resulted in their successful first-generation robotics platform for kids. Now they’re back with Robo Coding Saga, their next-generation hardware and software platform that brings easy interchangeable robotic building blocks together with an elegant programming platform and an online community to support kids becoming engaged in STEM projects while expanding their imaginations.

The basic kit includes the brain block, two motors, a distance sensor, and various wheels, lights, and connectors for an amazing Kickstarter early-bird price of just $129. The Unlimited kit adds additional modules and connectors, including an LED display, electrical connectors, light, motion, and line-following sensors, and more ($249 early bird price).  The brain connects wirelessly with a phone or tablet running the Robo Universe App (Apple or Android) so all the programming can happen seamlessly between devices.


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The app takes your young engineer through three levels of coding complexity, allowing kids as young as 5 years-old to learn object-oriented programming. And once your kids have mastered those, they can step into the wider world of Python and Arduino APIs and access the core functionality of the blocks. At this level, creators can connect their blocks and interact with Raspberry Pi boards, Leap Motion modules, and even Spotify.

Backing the project also gives kids access to the Robo Universe online platform where builders can come together to share their projects, and explore new ideas to build. LEGO compatibility will allow kids to create new machines and creatures using components they already own.

Check out some examples of amazing devices kids have already created with the platform:

Robo Coding Saga is an amazing way to get kids interested and excited about robots, engineering, and programming, and the ability to incorporate the infinite variety of LEGO blocks into their projects will allow them to push their imaginations to new heights. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and get your kids a step-up on STEM education.

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