GeekDad Review: The Como Audio Turntable

The name Como Audio may sound familiar if you read GeekDad regularly. I reviewed the Boston-based audio company’s Amico portable wireless speaker back in July. Not just high-quality audio, multi-room support, and an integrated TFT color display, this was a portable speaker clad in real Teak wood veneer—a very unique offering. Como Audio’s latest release isn’t a wireless speaker, though. It’s another product bound to appeal to music fans who appreciate retro vibes: the Como Audio Turntable.

The Como Audio Turntable was designed in partnership with Pro-Ject. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Partnering With Pro-Ject

Designing a turntable from scratch is a formidable task. Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel (or in this case, the platter), Como Audio worked with Pro-Ject. The European company is renowned for producing high-quality turntables and components. The end result, Como Audio Turntable is recognizably the handiwork of Pro-Ject, but includes upgrades from that company’s entry-level models and some unique wood finish options.

The MDF plinth is CNC machined to be thin, with minimized empty space, then covered with veneer. My review unit was a glossy piano black, with piano white, but hickory and walnut are also available. It’s thin and minimalist, yet has reassuring heft to reduce resonance. A heavy, steel platter further helps reduce resonance, while shock-absorbing feet isolate the turntable from vibration.

While many belt-drive Pro-Ject turntables require removing the platter and manually moving the belt to change speeds, the Como Audio Turntable turntable is equipped with a switch to move between 45 rpm and 33-1/3 rpm. It can play 78 rpm records, but to do that you will need to do a manual belt adjustment…

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The tonearm is a straight aluminum Pro-Ject version, and while it has an adjustable counterweight it’s actually factory balanced and locked for easy setup. (Don’t worry; you get tools to unlock and adjust should you decide to switch cartridges.) While Pro-Ject’s own turntables in this price class typically come with an Ortofon OM5e cartridge (which is quite nice), this one comes with an upgrade to Ortofon OM10—which is even better. The cartridge also comes pre-mounted, so setup for this turntable really couldn’t be much easier.

It’s worth noting that the accessories included in the box are first rate. No generic RCA cables here. A premium quality audio cable is included, along with an RCA to 3.5mm adapter. With these cables and adapter combined with the switchable pre-amp, the Como Audio Turntable can be connected to virtually any sound system. If you don’t want the fuss or wires, or space is limited, you can also connect to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth. Yes, you do lose some of the appeal of vinyl by digitizing and compressing the music, but with a decent Bluetooth speaker it still sounds pretty good…

Great Performance

Pair the Como Audio Turntable with Como’s Musica for a powerful compact stereo system that can play music from virtually any source from analog to digital. (Photo by Brad Moon)

While the Como Audio turntable looks fantastic, it also sounds fantastic. Not that I would expect anything less, given the extensive expertise of Pro-Ject, but if you connect this turntable to a decent speaker or stereo system, you’ll be pretty happy with the results. I’ve always found the Ortofon OM10 does a good job of tracking on less than mint condition LPs, so this turntable works quite well with used vinyl purchases as well—it successfully played several records with light scratches that skip every time on my primary turntable… Naturally, one of the systems I connected it to was Como Audio’s own Musica. The four-driver Musica with 30W per channel on tap makes for a formidable mini stereo system when combined with the turntable.


The Como audio turntable is a great upgrade option. (Photo by Brad Moon)

The Como Audio Turntable is priced at $399. That’s more expensive than entry-level turntables but very reasonably priced for a mid-range model. Everything here is premium quality, and getting the upgraded cartridge and Bluetooth connectivity is a bonus. In addition, I don’t know of any other turntable in this class that is so quick and simple to set up. If you are looking for a better way to play your record collection, the Como Audio Turntable is well worth checking out.

Disclosure: Como Audio provided a turntable for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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