World Premiere Kids Music Videos from ‘Dog On Fleas’ and ‘Father Goose’


It’s not that über producer Dean Jones works on every children’s music release; it just appears that way sometimes.

But when he sets his laser focus on his own material, Dean comes up with some pretty darn good stuff. There’s a new Dog on Fleas (Dean’s band) CD coming in the near future. And in the meantime, there’s the video for the brand new song “Doppelganger:”:

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Musician Raffi is so concerned about the effects of social media, personal handheld devices, and interactive video games that he established the Child Honouring program to give them something positive that substituted for those options.

Father Goose also had some of the same concerns. He and Danni Ai put those issues to music for the song “Kidzzz (Want to Be Free),” on their EP “I Can Make It,” which is available on Soundcloud. It’s tough to be yourself when “the world is mine in cyberspace.”

Here’s the video:

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Jeffrey Cohen: Born and raised in New York (with a brief sojourn in New Jersey during his preteen years), Jeffrey Cohen lives in New York with his two sons. He has reviewed children's music for the past nine years on his own blog. Jeff's podcast, "MrJeff2000 Explains It All" is available through iTunes.
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