Review – Flash Forward #2: Adventures in the Multiverse

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Flash Forward #2
Flash Forward #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Flash Forward #2 – Scott Lobdell, Writer; Brett Booth, Penciller; Norm Rapmund, Inker; Luis Guerrero, Colorist


Ray – 6.5/10

Ray: Flash Forward #1 was a mixed bag that combined entertaining multiversal adventure with a serious plot involving Wally in prison. The former had potential, the latter wasn’t treated with the gravity it needed, and that mixed-up feel largely continues Flash Forward #2. We’re mostly focusing on the Multiversal plot now, and the title is better for it. The Justice League looked terrible for leaving Wally in Blackgate.

This issue opens with Wally on the Earth of President Superman – the Obama-inspired hero who doubles as US Commander in Chief alongside a more diverse Justice League. His world has been invaded by creatures from the Dark Multiverse, and Congress has authorized a deadly anti-life weapon to stop the invasion – at the cost of millions of lives. It’s a race against time to prevent both terrible outcomes, and it offers Lobdell and Booth a good opportunity to show just how powerful a speedster Wally is.

However, midway through the issue the title takes a turn for the bizarre, as Wally finds himself up against an army of refugees from another world. These multiversal heroes are all VERY thinly disguised pastiches of Marvel heroes, to the point where it feels less like a world in the multiverse and more like a parody from Mad Magazine. The dialogue in these segments is the weakest part of the issue, and it takes up way too many splash pages with a dozen heroes in them to get through it.

Who attacked the President? Via DC Comics.

More compelling is Wally’s growing conflict with Tempus Fuginaut, and his resistance to being called a hero. The title does a decent job with his trauma, but it also sends him running around too fast to really dwell on any of it. It would have been a mostly forgettable issue if it wasn’t for the final page – which brings back some characters that fans have been anticipating since DC Rebirth, and promises to elevate the emotional aspects of Wally’s quest to a new level.

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