Kickstarter Alert: 3D Print Your Own Amazing Draconic Dice Crypt for Truly Epic Game Nights

Happy Halloween! Check out the Kickstarter campaign for this amazing 3D-printable Draconic Dice Crypt and boost your game night cred to the next level!

This post was sponsored by the Draconic Dice Crypt Kickstarter campaign.
The folks at Printable Nerd Gear know gamers and they know 3D printing. Now they’re putting those two things together by designing a truly amazing dice box for gamers, called the Draconic Dice Crypt, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the 3D-printable design to the world.

To be clear, if you pledge to the campaign, you’ll get the STL files for the crypt which will allow you to 3D print it for yourself (or use one of the available online 3D printing services to do it); this is a DIY project, which is why the price is so amazing. The Early Bird special is only $10 (for the first 20 pledges, $15 thereafter), and since the campaign goal is only $666 (yes), there’s every chance you’ll see the results.

The basic design as shown above includes the STL file for the 5 parts of this corpse of an elder dragon filled with secret compartments: the Lid, Top Insert, Dice Crypt Body, Bottom Insert, and the Dice Tray Insert. As the campaign progresses, they’ll unlock additional designs for some of the components that will add form and function, all included in the original pledge price. For example, here are the standard and stretch goal Dice Tray Inserts:

And the Printable Nerd Gear folks would also point out that, quite conveniently, the Dice Crypt also works perfectly as a drink holder!

If you’re a passionate gamer with 3D printing skills, this is a gorgeous design that will make you the envy of game night! Pledge early to get the amazing Early Bird special, and then get your friends to pledge to unlock all the stretch goals. The campaign is live today!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and get your Draconic Dice Crypt 3D files!

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