‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 11

When is a halfling not a halfling? When it is a meteor.

D&D Actual Play | GeekDad.com presents DieRolling: The Star Engine | Episode 11

The Star Engine: Episode 11

An immense, opulent brass tower climbs proudly into the mists of Dathcarr Crag. Its glass dome and polished scarlet floor a lavish homage to the riches of its architects. A single crack seems innocuous enough within the lowest of the polished crystal walkways, but is substantial enough ever substantial enough in the world of Dungeons & Dragons?

Episode 11 of The Star Engine:

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Jack Boyles: @twitter.com/DieRollingUK Jack is the creative and technical lead behind DieRolling and the writer of ‘The Star Engine’. Jack is a videographer, marketer, tabletop gamer, drummer, and married father of two future dungeon masters!