‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 8

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D&D Actual Play | GeekDad.com presents DieRolling: The Star Engine | Episode 8

The Star Engine: Episode 8

Darkness overtakes Claero, he is alone, otherworldly specters whisper his name, their shadowy grip beckons. Nolus and Malken are near, trapped in the halfling room with no door. Can they free Claero from this nightmare, before it’s too late?

Watch Episode 8 of The Star Engine:

Join in with the next episode live! Tuesday, 1st October, on twitch.tv/geekfamilynetwork.

Start times:

11:30 PDT (West Coast USA)
14:30 EDT (East Coast USA)
19:30 GMT+1 (UK)

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Jack Boyles: Jack is the creative and technical lead behind DieRolling and the writer of ‘The Star Engine’. Jack is a videographer, marketer, tabletop gamer, drummer, and married father of two future dungeon masters!
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