Want to Play STEM-Based Games On a Tablet With Your Kids? Check Out the Codynamic Kickstarter Campaign

The team behind the Codynamic Kickstarter project want to change how kids and parents play and learn by bringing them together. Their app will specifically encourage parent and child two-player participation with STEM-focused puzzles and games on Apple or Android-based tablet computers.

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Codynamic seeks to bring kids and parents together for a 40-minute session each week (or four 10-minute sessions to find the time in the nooks and crannies of the days). The STEM-based challenges include logic puzzles, basics of coding, primers on digital fluency and cyber security, interactive quizzes, and activities requiring teamwork between parents and kids. Everything is wrapped up in an engaging storyline with charming characters. At the end of each week, the parent receives a report on the progress made along with recommendations for ways to continue and expand their kids’ development.

Codynamic was designed for boys and girls from 6-10 years old, and their parents/guardians. The app is also a safe and secure environment, without ads, hidden purchases, or outside chat (kids to get to “chat” with the characters in the game).

If this sounds like a project you could get behind, early-bird support starts as low as $15 to get access to hours of quality parent/kid educational fun. Watch the project video below, and then go to the live Kickstarter campaign and support Codynamic today!

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